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Student Leadership Applications for 21-22

Hello BVN Band! Over the next few weeks, we will complete the selection process for our 21-22 BVN Band Student Leadership Team.  This team is vital to the success of our band program, and will be key players as we emerge from our past year of covid-band.  I am very [...]

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BVN Band Update – 3/28/2021

Hello BVN Band! Please CLICK HERE for this week's Band Update, or Scroll Down for a copy. This update releases a LOT of information, looking ahead to the rest of the semster.  The section "Fourth Quarter at-a-glance" is where most of the new info is.  Thank you for your [...]

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BVN Band: Solo and Ensemble information!

Hello BVN Band! Happy Sunday to all!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  This is a little "pre-update".  You can expect a full band update to be published later tonight... but it's probably not going to happen until after my kids bedtimes, tonight... and I have one thing [...]

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BVN Band Update: 3-20-21

Hello BVN Band! Please CLICK HERE for this week's Band Update, or scroll down for a copy.  Note - I HIGHLY recommend you go to the website, as there are a LOT of links in this one (concert livestream links, concert registration links, etc), and there is no guarantee those [...]

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