Hello BVN Band Family!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL break.  Enjoy a slow down and time with loved ones!  

The BVN Band has a few gifts for all of you, as you head to break.  CLICK HERE for the band update (or scroll down for a copy) to find all the links/info.  Here's the quick version:

  • Holiday Music Playlist!  Several recordings of short/fun/simple holiday tunes from our BVN Band Students!  We explored a new collaborative technology that allows students to layer individual recordings together… and we have a few fun holiday recordings as a result of that exploration!
  • Link to the December Livestream concert.
  • An INCREDIBLE youtube performance by a BVN Band Alum!  Give yourself 3 minutes and a great set of speakers/headphones turned up to 11.  Thank me later.

To access the music, you need to go to the login page of the band website (links in the band update).  The password is: mustangs.

At the end of break/in early January, we'll publish info about the upcoming spring in the BVN Band.  We are excited that we are going to be able to perform again!! In the meantime:  relax, take a good break, and have a wonderful holiday.  

All the best,
Mr. Freeman

–Begin Copy of Band Update–

Band Update – Have a GREAT Break!

From the Directors

Happy Holidays to Everyone!  Whatever your plans may be for this unique year, we hope that everyone has a wonderful break and enjoys this time with family.  

We'd like to send everyone into the holidays with a couple of gifts from the band!  Take the time to relax, and enjoy some great music, while looking forward to a spring semester that we are very excited about!  The band will be back with live performances this spring… details coming in January!!

Holiday playlist project:  Over the past couple of weeks, band students have been learning a new-to-us sound recording/editing technology that allows us to layer individual recordings together.  The students can collaborate on the same recording project, kind of like a google doc for recording audio.  The main purpose was to test the technology/figure out the quirks… and through the project our band students produced several FUN and short holiday recordings!  We invite everyone to listen in!

CLICK HERE to go to the password protected page of our band website.  If they don't already know it, have your band students check their canvas announcements for the password.  On that page, you'll find links to the following:

  • 1st Hour Clarinets Performing the “Christmas Gift Pack #1” (Medley)

  • 1st Hour Flutes and Oboe Performing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

  • 1st Hour Percussion Performing Bach “Chorale #4” from our Bach and Before Chorale Books

  • 1st Hour Trombones performing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

  • 1st Hour Trumpets performing “Jingle Bells”

  • 2nd Hour Clarinets performing “Joy to the World”

  • 2nd Hour Percussion performing “Jolly old St. Nicholas”

  • 2nd hour Saxes and Horns performing “A Christmas Gift #2″ medley”

  • 2nd Hour Trumpets performing “A Christmas Gift #2” Medley.

  • 2nd Hour Tubas-Euphoniums Performing “Deck the Halls”

December Livestream Concert: Also on the password protected page of the band website, you will find a link to our livestream concert video!

INCREDIBLE Performance by A BVN Band Alum:  Click here to find a youtube post by BVN Band Alum Grant Parker.  Click on the link for the amazing star wars music, leave with your mind blown by Grant's truly world class performance.  Grant graduated 8 years ago and now has French Horn Performance Degrees from Indiana University.  Read the description of the video – why/how he did it.  It is an INCREDIBLE product.  Students – you have that same potential in whatever you choose to do!  We see a bit of Grant in every one of you.

And… Happy Birthday to band students!!  Birthdays from 12/12 (date of previous band update) to 1/4, the day classes resume:

  • Cesar Jimenez, Sophomore Tenor Sax (12/20)

  • Mrs. Freeman, Band Wife/mom extraordinaire (12/21)

  • Will Scherzinger, Freshman Trumpet (12/29)

  • Leah Candelario, Sophomore Clarinet (12/30)

  • Aadhya Bhatia, Freshman Trumpet (12/31)

  • Joseph Hudson, Sophomore Euphonium (1/3)

  • Gordon Simpson, Freshman Trumpet (1/4)

It's going to be a GREAT week!

Musically yours,

Mr. Freeman