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For BVN Band Percussionists

Hello BVN Band!

This email is for percussionists who are planning to be in the Marching Mustangs this coming fall.  If that is not you, please delete and have a great day!

PERCUSSIONISTS:  Please read below (or open the link), for details on our 3rd Audition Clinic, which is next week on Wednesday, May 12th.  Thanks!

All the best,
Mr. Freeman

–Begin info–

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful first two audition clinics!  We have one more clinic next week on Wednesday, May 12th.

Prior to that clinic, please complete THIS FORM, which tells us your preferred instrument placement for marching season. 

During this clinic, similar to your previous two clinics, you will work with our awesome percussion instructors.  Also during the clinic, you will have a quick one-on-one meeting with Mr. Lovell and I (Mr. Freeman). This meeting will be your actual “audition”.  During that meeting, you will:

  • Have a quick chat with us about your preferred placement, and drumline in general. No pressure! This will be laid back and conversational.
  • Perform a couple of exercises for us, chosen from work you have done during the first two audition clinics.

Here are the exercises to prepare, we will choose a couple from this list at your one-on-one meeting with us.  Everyone will play at least one pad exercise and at least one mallet exercise.

Pad Exercises:

New Eights
16th Note timing, Natural Sticking
Building Blocks
Sixteenth Note Rolls

Mallet Exercises:

Green Scales in the keys of C – F – Bb – Eb

Just in case: the links above will take you to pdf versions of the battery and mallet exercises.

Mr. Lovell, Mr. Wagoner, Mr. Betzelberger, and I are all very pleased with your work during the first two clinics! The 2021-2022 BVN Drumline is going to be AWESOME!!! Looking forward to a really enjoyable and rewarding year with all of you.

All the best,

Mr. Freeman

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BVN Band: For Percussionists 4-28-21


For all current 9th-11th grade percussionists, tonight is the first of three Drumline Audition Clinics.  These audition clinics will determine placement in the Marching Mustangs Drumline/Front Ensemble for the Fall of 2021.  It will be exciting… between Color Guard Auditions last week, and these Drumline Clinics, the  re-start of Marching Band is happening!!  Hooray!!

Details for the clinics

Mr. Freeman

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