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BVN Band Update – 10/25/2020

Hello BVN Band! We send a lot of info via the band update, which means that these emails will sometimes get overlooked. (which I totally understand, no judgment!) HOWEVER - THIS ONE has IMPORTANT info to read TODAY, for Members of the MAB and for anyone auditioning for ECKMEA. MAB [...]

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Parent Teacher Conferences (with Wagoner)

You heard correctly, it's Parent Teacher Conference time! This year, as we are Zoom conferencing, Mr. Freeman and I will be doing our conferences separately. Conferences will be held by appointment and will be 15 minutes long (with a 5 minute technology buffer between each). I will be holding conferences [...]

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Parent Teacher Conferences (with Freeman)

  Hello BVN Band and Families! Next topic - PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES. I would love to meet, if you choose!  Per the prescribed format for BVN this fall, I'll be holding 2 sessions of zoom-based conferences: This Week - Wednesday, October 21st, from 3:00 - 6:30 PM. Tuesday, November 3rd, from [...]

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BVN Band UPDATE Week of 10/19

Hello BVN Band Family, Please see the band website for this week's update, or read the copy below. Biggest news is, congrats to the MAB for a wonderful performance at the football game this past Friday! We are proud of you, and especially proud of our seniors in the first [...]

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BVN Band Auditions: BVN Band, Fall 2020

Hello BVN Band Classes! It's time to begin preparing for your BVN Band Auditions!   Levels 4, 5, and 6 of the WoodShed will prepare you to record your BVN Band audition videos, and you will submit these videos as part of Level 6 of your WoodShed. Mr. Freeman, Mr. Wagoner, [...]

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Fwd: BVN Band Update – 10/11/20

Hello BVN Band! Please CLICK HERE for this week's Band Update, or scroll down for a copy. Thanks for understanding a slightly later than normal update, as I confirmed several details for our MAB performance week while at school Monday. It's a BIG week - Honor Band Registrations and [...]

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Fwd: BVN Band Update – 10/4/2020

Hello BVN Band! And Hybrid Band Begins!!!!  It's been 207 days since students made music in the halls of BVN.... I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for that silence to be broken.  For those who are in our BVN Band Facebook group, my post on Friday [...]

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