Hello BVN Band Classes!

It's time to begin preparing for your BVN Band Auditions!   Levels 4, 5, and 6 of the WoodShed will prepare you to record your BVN Band audition videos, and you will submit these videos as part of Level 6 of your WoodShed. Mr. Freeman, Mr. Wagoner, and Mr. Lovell will evaluate these videos, and those evaluations will pair with your overall progress on the WoodShed to create our Spring, 2021 BVN Band classes. (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band).  

  • CLICK HERE for all audition details and information.  PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY!! Summary:

    • Each Woodwinds/Brass student will be recording and submitting 2 videos.  One includes scales (major and chromatic), and the other will include the specified portions of the audition material.
    • Each Percussion Student will record two videos.  One is a mallet percussion audition, and the other is a snare audition (which can be performed on a snare drum OR practice pad).  Time will be given in classes for percussionists to practice on mallet instruments.  If you wish to check out a mallet instrument to move to your house, please contact Mr. Freeman – it may be possible.  If you wish to come in after school during a scheduled time to practice, please contact Mr. Freeman – it may be possible.
    • Color Guard members do not need to submit an audition unless they also play a band instrument.
    • All audition materials are short excerpts of the KMEA Honor Band Audition materials (all-district/all-state)
  • Audition Music can be found here:  Concert Band Auditions.  REMINDER:  the Black Brackets on the music indicate the full KMEA honor band audition excerpts.  Our BVN Band auditions will use much smaller portions of the music.  Details are in the full audition materials linked in the first bullet point (above)
  • CLICK HERE to go to the Music/Resources Page, where you can also find all of the audition excerpts towards the bottom of the page, underneath the header “KMEA Audition music”

For students planning to audition for the KMEA honor bands – you should continue preparing the full bracketed excerpts and all of the required scales.  KMEA will release scales and “cuts” on October 28th, which will be more different (more extensive) than the excerpts we have chosen for our BVN audition.

We will go over details in Band classes/zooms the next couple of days.  Time to start up audition prep!!  Best of luck to all.

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman