March on!

The BVN Marching Mustangs are a traditional marching band; everyone who is willing to work and be a part of music is welcome. We are a diverse group both musically and individually, and students in band have a variety of interests outside of music. The Blue Valley North Marching Mustangs have an excellent reputation regionally, nationally and internationally, an honor and a tradition that continues today. 

In the fall, the BVN “Marching Mustangs” features auditioned 9th-12th grade members of the band and our BVN Color Guard.  The Marching Mustangs will perform a challenging, “competitive” show which we perform at 2-3 marching festivals each year, and it is also exciting halftime entertainment for all of our home Football Games. The “Combined Marching Mustangs” features ALL members of the BVN Band program as well as the Color Guard and North Stars Dance Team. The Combined Band performs our traditional pre-game show at all home football games and provides spirit in the stands supporting our team.


Dear Prospective Band Members,

Many of you are considering attending Blue Valley North High School, and joining the BVN Band Program. The bands at North have a long tradition of high quality musical experiences for the students in the program, and we are excited to add YOU and your musical voice to that wonderful tradition.

Our alumni, students, and parents consistently say that being involved in the band program is one of the greatest experiences they have had during their high school years. We hope you will find this to be true as well, and the band staff will always work hard to help every band member have such an experience. Please watch the video to see/hear current BVN Band members tell you about their band experience!

​CLICK HERE for a band information packet. It contains answers to most of the frequently asked questions about joining the BVN Band.  If you don’t find the answer you need, please contact Mr. Freeman or Mr. Wagoner.

Freshman Opportunities

As a ninth grader at North, during the fall semester, you have two options for band:

  • Marching Mustangs Membership includes performing a competition style marching show and our BVN Pre-game show at all home football games, as well as performance at several Marching Festivals. 9th Graders who wish to join Marching Mustangs will complete a short audition in March.  Details for the audition will be available in early February. Marching Mustangs will enroll in “Symphonic Marching Band” Class in the Fall.
  • Freshman Band membership includes performance as part of the Combined Marching Band (Freshman Band joins with the Marching Mustangs, Color Guard, and North Stars Dance Team to create the Combined Marching Band).  The Combined Marching Band performs the Pregame show at all home football games. This band allows all students to become experienced in marching band, pep band, and the total school community.  Freshman Band Membership also includes concert band performances of the Freshman Band only.  Freshman Band Members will enroll in “Freshman Band” Class for the fall.

Band Camp

Marching Band is a new offering at high school – no 9th graders have marched before. Understandably, some are intimidated by marching, or feel that it may be too hard. We want to assure you, and generations of students before have proven this – Everyone can achieve success! Upperclassmen and the band staff assist you in learning the fundamentals, learning the drill and learning how to be part of a high school band program. We’ll teach you every step of the way!

Marching band begins with band camp for incoming students in late July:

“Rookie Camp” – During Rookie Camp new students come to North in the morning to learn basics of marching and drill design, learn some of the music and become familiar with BVN.

“Band Camp” – The following week, all members of the Band attend and get a head start on the demanding marching season. The exact schedule of camp week depends on if you are a member of the “Marching Mustangs” (which includes membership in the Combined Band) or only the Combined Band. At the end of the week, we perform for your families, have a picnic and a car wash, and camp is over!

Marching season lasts through the end of the football season.