Symphonic Orchestra 

The Symphonic Orchestra is our most advanced performing group.  Students in this ensemble will be given regular opportunities to perform outstanding orchestral literature and will be encouraged to set high musical standard for our school community, concert audiences and younger Blue Valley North Area orchestra students. Our symphonic musicians will have an active, challenging performance schedule and opportunities to use their talents.

Concert Orchestra

The Concert Orchestra is designed as a preparatory experience for membership in Symphonic Orchestra.  This experience is educational, challenging and rewarding with a focus on developing each member’s performing skills to the highest possible level.

The Symphony Orchestra

The string, wind and percussion sections for the high school symphony orchestra are filled by invitaion.  They perform at the Spring Concert in May.

Pit Orchestra 

The BVN Pit Orchestra performs as part of the winter musical the second weekend in February.  The string, wind and percussion sections are filled by invitation from the conductor with rehearsals beginning in November.