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Arts have provided the spirit of civilization throughout the history of mankind. Our small contribution of talent and time helps to drive the spirit of the entire BVN community. We DO make a difference! We hope the impact is one worth remembering and continuing. The Band family at BVN is filled with WONDERFUL people. We hope that all who are interested will become a member of the BANDS AT BLUE VALLEY NORTH, and will continue to perform and support music into the far distant future!

We offer the following programs, and many additional musical opportunities are included in the Student Resources section.

Mustang Band FAQ

Can I Be in Band And…?2020-08-27T19:56:45-05:00

YES!  You CAN be in Band at BVN and participate in just about anything else you choose!
Members of the Band are in nearly every club and sport the school offers, and also take every class offering at the school. High School is a great time to try out different activities, and we encourage our band students to be well-rounded!

During the busiest part of the year (Marching Band) – we have chosen to keep our contest involvement lower than at other schools. This is true at North so our students CAN be involved in other programs including debate, cross-country, football, soccer, volleyball, theater, choir or orchestra and many others.  Our Monday/Tuesday AM and Wednesday PM rehearsals are the only outside of school rehearsals held regularly (and are only during marching season).  Home football games rarely conflict with anyone except varsity and some JV players. Those students are still part of the band for contests and parades, but do not perform the nights of games.

You will be BUSY, but you will also learn the important lessons of how to budget time and prepare in advance. WE DO EXPECT STUDENTS TO BE AT PERFORMANCES AND REHEARSALS UNLESS THERE IS A DIRECT CONFLICT WITH ANOTHER EVENT.  Such conflicts should be worked out IN ADVANCE.  You will get a schedule of all performances and you will be expected at those performances. We are very proud of our band members who have been All-Americans, All-State/District in every sport and activity AS WELL AS OUR ALL-STATE MUSICIANS!

Yes, occasionally schedule conflicts arise.  However, communication in advance can ALWAYS solve!  Please contact Mr. Freeman if you are concerned about conflicts with other activities.

What instruments does the school provide?2020-08-27T20:06:43-05:00

The school provides larger and “rare” instruments that are often more expensive than is realistic for a student to own.

Piccolo, Tenor and Baritone saxophones, Bass Clarinets, Oboes, Bassoons, French horns, Baritones, Tubas and Percussion will be provided. When appropriate and available, a student may get both a marching and concert instrument.  Percussionists should provide their own basic set of sticks/mallets.

Students who play Trumpet, Trombone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute are expected to provide and perform on their own instrument. (If you have a “step-up” or professional instrument, use your beginner instrument for marching season. After marching season, bring the better quality instrument in for concert band!)

During Marching Season: Oboes and Bassoon Players will have some choices. You may perform on the instrument on which you started band (if you started on a non-double reed), or you may perform with the mallet section (marimba, xylophone, bells, etc), or you may learn a brass instrument such as French horn, tuba or baritone. Most of our double reed players have had success with this and have continued on into college while remaining all-state or better oboists or bassoonists during concert season.

Are Performances Required?2020-08-27T20:06:48-05:00

YES!  Performances are required and represent a major portion of a student’s grade.  Performances are the culmination of many weeks and/or months of work, and any individual absence will hurt the entire groups performance.  The band does not have a “bench”, and can’t sub in other students if one is absent.  We strive to give performances are enjoyable for both students and audience members.  Performance absences should be RARE and only due to emergency or serious illness.

Does it cost to be in band?2020-08-27T20:06:53-05:00

Yes. Fees are adjusted annually and assist in the expenses of band staff, music, uniform cleaning, transportation, entry fees, instrument repair, food costs when the band travels, and many other band related expenses.  IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS COST, PLEASE CONTACT MR. FREEMAN. We will try to make band possible for ALL students who wish to be a part of the program – the cost of band is intended to support our band students and should not prohibit anyone from joining the band. If the expense is a concern, please contact Mr. Freeman. This information is confidential and will only be shared with those needed to help with the costs. Also, any fundraising profits can be credited towards the band fee.

How do I earn my Band Grade?2020-08-27T20:07:01-05:00

The band is a part of the complete academic program at North. Academics are the primary reasons you are in high school. You will be graded on your performance, personal growth in technical proficiency on your instrument, understanding of music theory and music history, and performance within the group.  We are an integral part of the academic program at North. You will find GREAT SUPPORT from the wonderful band students who have taken every class offering at BVN – and they would love to help you find success in these same classes. BVN is an award winning school for a reason – you are going to work for your grades! You must be prepared to STUDY and to PRACTICE, but you will find many forms of support which will guide you to success as a member of the Bands at North and a High School Student.

I am a parent – how can I help?2020-08-27T20:07:06-05:00

Parents will find that the Band and Orchestra Parent Club is an exceptional support group for the students, and for the parents!  Attend the monthly meetings and pay attention to emails to find our volunteer needs. The Band/Orchestra Parent Club meets one day a month and everyone is welcome. We encourage ALL parents to be a part of the bands through the many avenues for assisting the students. They may not SAY they want you around, but being involved in these next four years is so very important and helpful to YOU and the student.

In addition to this group, the Blue Valley North Parent Booster Club is an OUTSTANDING organization.

Extending our Musical Legacy

Band students from North, and all other high schools prepare their students to continue with their music long after leaving high school. We have now or have had students in the bands at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Texas, TCU, Stanford, UVA, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, William Jewell, Baker, Drake, and on and on and on.  Some of these students were music majors – many were not but chose to keep playing!  NEARLY EVERY School will have a band or a group to perform in (if not many groups), regardless of whether the student is a music major or not.  Many will also give you scholarship money just to play your instrument!  Beyond college – there are numerous community, semi-professional, and professional music organizations worth your support and time.

“This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor”
-John F. Kennedy, from his State of the Union Address, January 4, 1963

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