Offical Marching Uniforms

Each student will be issued a full marching uniform during band camp, plus uniform T-shirts that will be worn underneath the uniform, as part of the summer uniform, and the pep band uniform.

Summer Uniform

When heat conditions warrant, the Summer Uniform for Marching Band will be the events required dress. It consists of the official Band T-shirt (given to each student at uniform check-out), khaki “Dockers” like pants or shorts, athletic shoes and socks (no sandals).  Mr. Freeman will announce the uniform dress for the evenings’ performance that day in class.  If blue pants are required, nice blue jeans may be substituted.

No student will be allowed to participate at any marching event (game night, festivals etc.) unless they are in FULL uniform. Make sure to keep your uniform in your garment bag, and keep your hat, gloves, black socks, gloves and black shoes clean!

Marching uniforms are owned by Blue Valley North High School, but students are responsible for the care and condition of their uniform. Fines for damages beyond normal wear, and replacement costs if lost will be assessed to the student.  Please check your Band Handbook for more information on care and maintenance tips for uniforms.

Your Marching Uniform

Provided by the Band:

  • Uniform Coat and Pants (bib overalls worn under the coat)
  • The Shako (Traditional Marching Band Hat) and Plume (plumes distributed and returned at each performance)
  • Uniform t-shirts.  (purchased through band fees, the only acceptable undershirt to the band uniform)
  • Black Uniform Gloves (a specific glove, fitted and ordered at band camp.  $3 per pair)
  • Black Marching Shoes (a specific shoe, fitted and ordered at band camp.  $36 per pair.  Boys can wear the marching shoes with their concert uniforms.  We have a limited supply of used shoes available)

Provided by the Student:

  • LONG (at least mid-calf) BLACK Socks.  Short/ankle socks are unacceptable.  Solid Black.
  • Underneath the pants, students should wear comfortable athletic shorts of their choosing.

Uniforms are kept at BVN

After the student is issued his/her uniform, it will be stored (hung nicely) on racks kept at BVN.  Students will be given time prior to departure for performances to get into uniform.  Following performances, it is the students responsibility to hang the uniform nicely to prevent damage and keep it looking great!

Hemming or Altering Marching Band Uniforms

The length of the marching uniform jacket sleeves and pants may need to be altered.  A seamstress will be present at uniform fittings during band camp to prepare any alterations.  Should alterations be necessary, there is a $10 fee paid by the student.  Pants should be hemmed to touch the top of the marching shoe, and sleeves should break at the wrist.

Should an “hemergency” arise and a student/parent must hem the uniform themselves, here are the rules. ONLY temporary, hand-basted hems. DO NOT TAPE HEMS!  Do not staple or pin the hems, this is visible from the field. Do not remove fabric from any part of the uniform.  Simply double fold the material to shorten the hem length. All temporary hems need to be removed before the uniform is turned in at the end of marching season.  Please contact any member of the uniform committee with any questions.

Care of and Cleaning the Uniform 

  • If the uniform becomes wet from perspiration or rain, hang it in the open to dry. Do not leave it in the garment bag – it will mold!
  • Mud and other non-set-in stains:  let the mud dry and then brush it off gently with a clothes brush.
  • If a uniform gets stained and needs a cleaning during the marching season, the student should report the stain to one of the directors or uniform parents.  The student may be asked to take the uniform to Tower Dry Cleaners for a spot removal, which is generally approx $10.
  • Uniforms are Dry Clean Only!  All uniforms will be dry cleaned at the end of marching season (paid for out of the band fees).  DO NOT attempt to clean the uniform in your home washer/dryer.  It will ruin the uniform and you will be purchasing a replacement.
  • You are responsible for the look and condition of your uniform.  Fines for damages beyond normal wear and replacement costs for any lost items will be assessed to the student. Please take care of your uniform! The replacement cost for a full uniform is $400.

Uniform Tips 

  • The uniform remains at school, and will be stored, hung nicely on hanging racks.
  • Uniforms will be checked-out and in by parent or section leaders!  Following a performance, do not leave until your uniform has been CHECKED-IN! If uniforms are wet from rain or snow, they may be sent home with you to dry.
  • Black crew socks are required! (Not ankle socks!)
  • The required band t-shirt of the day is the only acceptable undershirt for your uniform.
  • If uniforms are not clean and in proper condition for performance, your grade will be affected as part of your total evaluation. This also includes your hat, shoes, gloves and socks.
  • It is considered an unexcused absence if you are not in full uniform for a game, and you will not be allowed to march.
  • Plumes for the band hats will be distributed at performance times and returned. Rain gear will be distributed if needed at performances.