Football Marching Season

Regular Season Home Game Night Schedule

Times and instructions will vary but here’s an example of what a typical Game Night! might look like during the regular Football season:

5 pm – Arrive and change into uniform,  load the truck
5:35 – Load onto buses by sections
5:45 – Depart for the DAC stadium
6:05 – Arrive at DAC; unload
6:20 – Warm-up in stands and prepare for the show
6:35 – Move to track for entry
6:40 – Enter field
6:45 – Pregame and National Anthem Performance
7:00 – Kickoff
8:00 – Halftime Show (approximate time)
Third Quarter-shared off/on, student break
9:15 – Game ends (approximate time) – return to load buses
9:50 – Buses arrive back at BVN

For a 6:30 kickoff (Thursday night games) – move all times up 30 minutes

If a student must leave early from a game or event, a Parent/Guardian must personally check with Mr. Freeman before the student may leave the stadium. No exceptions. 

Special event nights, such as Middle School Band Night, will have adjusted schedules. Watch the Band News Update for all performance information in the week(s) before each game.

Parents:  Pick-up/Drop-off for any band event which requires bus transportation is STUDENT ENTRANCE to BVN (by the main office/flagpole.) Please note that seven buses and the truck need access to the circle drive by the band room. If it is blocked by parents, then everyone goes home later as we wait to clear the lane!

*Please be as timely as possible in picking up your student after games.

Basketball Season

Blue & Silver Pep Bands

During basketball season, the BVN Band provides a pep band for all Home Varsity Basketball Games (Boys and Girls).  The combined marching band is divided into two equal Pep Bands, the Blue Band and the Silver Band, and each band is assigned to perform at half of the home games.  All band students are expected to perform with one of the pep bands and it is part of their semester grade.  Percussionists should speak with Mr. Freeman regarding their pep band participation.

If a student has a conflict with an assigned pep band performance, they should find a same instrument replacement from the alternating pep band to play in their place (i.e. a tuba cannot replace a flute).

Pep Band Uniform

Uniform for Pep Bands during basketball season will be the NAVY BLUE BVN Band shirt (this years!), and nice blue jeans. Mr. Freeman will announce any special uniform dress changes during regular class periods.

Students Remember! 
If your pep band is scheduled for a game and you are unable to make it, it is up to you notify the director and to find a replacement for yourself (same instrument) from the alternating pep band.