Hello BVN Band,

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We have some exciting news for this week – Thursday morning's 1st hour Band Zoom will bei instrument specific clinics with world class musicians from around KC!  Imagine our football team getting a practice with members of the KC Chiefs, and you get the idea.  It will be AMAZING!  ALL Band students are invited and highly encouraged to attend – students who are not in first hour can attend the first hour zoom and use one of their scheduled bandzoom times from the week to make up other classes.  

Details about this, and also important info about Band Dues and Band Forms can be found in this week's band update.

As always, thanks for your careful reading!

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman

–Begin Copy of Band Update–

September 27, 2020

From the Director

Dear BVN Band Family,

It was AMAZING to see and hear our MAB student members in rehearsal this past week.  After nearly 7 months of no in-person band, these rehearsals were both soothing for the soul and energizing!!  It will be wonderful to get to make music with our students this year… with the announcement of Hybrid classes for the month of October, our time is coming!


And… EXCITING NEWS for THIS THURSDAY!  During our 1st hour Band Zooms on Thursday, Students will attend online masterclasses on their instrument, with world class musicians from the KC area!  We have members of the Kansas City Symphony, and professors from UMKC and KU zooming in to work with our students.  WOW!!!  This would be the equivalent of our football team getting a chance to practice with the Chiefs… it will be AMAZING!!

TO ALL band students in 2nd hou4, 3rd hour, Jazz Band, or VirtualEd – YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN the Thursday Clinics!  The clinics will focus on preparing the KMEA Honor Band Audition Materials (which will also be the materials for our auditions for Spring BVN Band Classes).  If you join the clinics, you can use one of your regular band classes this week to make up any absences from other class zooms.

These clinics are open to all band students across the BV district who plan to audition for the KMEA honor bands, and are the result of combined efforts of all of our district High School Band Directors.  

As I've mentioned… this strange year will create some wonderful NEW opportunities… here's the first one.  This should be AMAZING!

Getting Re-Started:

We have a little bit of “band business” to do, to be able to re-start our band program:  Band Dues and Band Forms.  If you previously submitted your forms/dues (back in July) – congrats – you're done!


BAND DUES:  Because of Covid, we don't know what opportunities we will have this year, but when opportunities for band events arise, whatever they may be, we want to be able to take advantage.  In addition to providing band t-shirts, 1/4 zips, guest clinicians, necessary band PPE, and much more, the Band Dues will enable us to provide a great year for band students.

To that end, dues for 2020-2021 have been set at $200 for all Band Students.  EVERY PENNY will go to make possible and enhance our band student's education and experience.  If a student is enrolled in multiple band classes, they only pay the dues once.  Dues are due by October 9th, 2020.

To students who planned to be in the Marching Mustangs:  we had previously advertised $250 for your dues, and also had the optional costs of shoes/gloves/etc.  If you have already paid these dues/expenses, then we will reach out to you regarding whether you would like a refund of the difference or would consider the extra a donation to the band.


All efforts are made to keep our band dues as low as possible.  Our dues are usually the lowest or second lowest of all BV Bands in any given year.  If you have any questions or concerns about the expense of band, please email Mr. Freeman.  All discussions will be kept confidential, and band dues should NEVER prevent a student from participating in the band.

To pay your band dues, complete the student info/dues form (linked in the band forms section below), and you will find payment instructions on that form.

BAND FORMS:  We will collect our standard packet of participation forms for band. CLICK HERE for the complete forms packet.  The cover page includes instructions for all forms.

  • The Student info/dues form can be completed in hard copy or by clicking here.

  • The Health, Media, Transportation, and Substance Abuse forms must be completed in hard copy.

  • The Parent info form can be completed in hard copy, but we HIGHLY recommend you complete it electronically.  Open the forms packet for instructions.

Please turn in all band forms/dues by Friday, October 9th, 2020.

This Week in the BVN Band:

This Week's Band Birthdays!

  • Oliver Zhang, Sophomore Trumpet


Weekly Schedule

Monday, September 28th

  • Even Block Schedule

    • 2nd Hour BandZooms Split:  Brass/Perc with Mr. Freeman.  WW's/Guard with Mr. Wagoner.

  • MAB Rehearsal, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at BVN

Tuesday, September 29th:

  • Odd Block Schedule. 

    • 1st and 3rd Hour BandZooms Split:  Brass/Perc with Mr. Freeman.  WW's/Guard with Mr. Wagoner.

Wednesday, September 30th:

  • Even Block Schedule

    • 2nd Hour BandZooms Split:  Brass/Perc with Mr. Freeman.  WW's/Guard with Mr. Wagoner.

  • MAB Rehearsal, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at BVN

Thursday, October 1st

  • Odd Block Schedule. 

    • 1st and 3rd hour hour – Zoom Clinics on your instrument with World Class KC Area Musicians!

Friday, October 2nd

  • Even Block Schedule

    • 2nd Hour BandZooms Split:  Brass/Perc with Mr. Freeman.  WW's/Guard with Mr. Wagoner.

  • Band WoodShed:  Level 2 “Lil' Sebastian” submissions due.

You can continue reading below for information previously shared in our Summer Band Update Newsletter.  Thank you for your careful reading!

Musically yours,

Mr. Freeman

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