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CONGRATS to our All-District Musicians – We had a record showing!  And, congrats to EVERYONE who auditioned for these groups.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some great weather!  The Freeman house now has about 30 lawn bags full of leaves ready for pickup… preceded by some epic leaf pile jumping by Lily and Matthew (and perhaps Dad).  We’ll have another 30 or so next week, too…

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–Begin Copy of Band Update–

Band Update – 11/8/2020

From the Directors

HUUUUUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our BVN Band Students who have earned placement in the ECKMEA District Honor Bands and Jazz Band.  Results were just announced this evening (Sunday 11/8), and we have set a new record for BVN Band Students in the Honor Bands.  WOWWOWWOW!!


  • There are three ECKMEA Concert Bands:  The Gold Band is a top placement group, the Red and Blue are two even split groups.  Making any of the three is a BIG honor!  A substantial portion of the all-state band will come from these three honor bands.
  • There is one ECKMEA Jazz Band
  • 3 year members receive special recognition as they qualified for the group each year they were eligible to audition!  (Prior to 2 years ago, Freshman were not allowed to audition for All-District.  Current Juniors were allowed to audition as Freshman, but Current Seniors were not).
  • All students who are named to these groups are now eligible to audition for all-state.  In a normal/non-covid year, these students would perform in the District Honor Bands, but that event has been cancelled for this year.  There will be an all-state band this year.  Recorded auditions information will be coming out soon, and for any of our students who earn all-state will attend a virtual all-state band camp and then put together a virtual band performance. It should be very cool!



  • Hannah Chong (Red)
  • Emily Nelson (Blue)
  • Grace Burgett (Blue)


  • Madhu Parthasarathy (Red, 3 year member!)


  • John Muldoon (Gold)
  • Megan VanderLeest (Gold, 3 year member!)
  • Audrey Beckman (Blue)
  • Keaton Alexander (Red)
  • Quinn Koffman (Red)

Bass Clarinet:

  • Miles Kim (Red.  Also worth noting – Miles also auditioned on Clarinet and also earned clarinet position, but earned a higher chair on Bass Clarinet.  Go Miles!!)

Alto Saxophone:

  • Harry Wang (Gold)
  • Lauren Jenkins (Red)
  • Junie Ko (Red)


  • Oliver Zhang (Gold)
  • Luke Bechard (Gold)
  • Ethan Burnett (Blue)
  • Devereaux Knight (Red)
  • Christine O’Brien (Blue)
  • Richard Koulen (Jazz)

French Horn:

  • Jack Graham (Red)


  • Jacob Lippe (Blue)
  • Nolan Call (Blue)


  • David Stutz (Red)
  • Eddie Mu (Red)


  • Joseph Madigan (Gold, 3 year member)
  • Logan Amato (Gold)


  • Sam Waggoner, Snare (Gold)
  • Michael Chong, Snare (Gold)
  • Hyesoo Song, Mallets (Blue)
  • Grant Ellis, Mallets (Blue)

Also worth mentioning – Congrats to our dual threat students! Color Guard Member Madison Dean earned placement in the ECKMEA District Honor Choir, and Percussionist Gabriel Decker also plays a mean String Bass and earned placement in the District Honor Orchestras.

30 BVN Band Students, 17 BVN Orchestra Students, and 15 BVN Choir Students is an INCREDIBLE showing for BVN, perhaps unprecedented!  Congratulations to ALL students who auditioned for these groups.  It is a very competitive audition.  Well Done!!!


You read that correctly… On Wednesday, December 9th, we are laying in place plans to hold a live-streamed concert of our BVN Bands!  We will not be able to have a live audience at this concert, but we plan to live-stream it for everyone’s listening enjoyment!  So – Mark your Calendars!

  • Wednesday, December 9th (the same evening we were supposed to hold our annual December Band Concert)
  • 7:00 PM – TENTATIVE start time of concert featuring the BVN Bands!
  • Livestreamed via a TBD service (likely youtube, with an unlisted link shared amongst our band family).
  • All students will perform in-person.  We will follow all of the safety protocols that we follow in classes, (which means the event will be short, among many other details).
  • VirtualEd Band Members are invited to join us for this concert, too.

As with everything in the Covid-Era, we will be keeping in close contact with administration and with the district’s health officials to ensure health and safety.


(All of this has been previously distributed, but is still good to re-read and remember!)​

Check out the BVN Fall E-Activity Guide!  This is usually distributed at all activities each fall, this year it has been distributed electronically, and includes several wonderful pages for the MAB, along with some good pictures!!

The Band WoodShed is now complete – but students can still submit recordings for full credit.  ESPECIALLY level 6 audition recordings – get those in!!

PARENTS – Please consider joining our BVN Parent Booster Club!  The PBC has already given GREAT support to the Band this year, and will continue to do so in the future.  YOUR membership makes this possible.  And, some funding decisions impacting the band will be made in the near future – a good influx of band families renewing memberships or joining during this time will be great optics for the band!  THANK YOU!!

2020-2021 BVN Band Shutterfly – CLICK HERE to join the 20-21 Shutterfly page and share/view great pictures of the Band!

MAB Members – order your pictures!  CLICK HERE to order the formal pictures we had taken at the DAC on 10/16.  Every Member of MAB had an individual picture taken, which will be edited together into a group photo.

Hybrid Class Structure – read your Canvas homepage for more details (updated recently for November)

  • 1st and 2nd hours are divided into Wagoner Bands (Salty and Pumpkin) and Freeman Bands (Spicy and Caramel).  CLICK HERE for the rosters.  At-home students make sure to zoom into the right band!
  • 3rd hour and 6th hour v-band students – all go to Freeman’s Zoom (when not in person)
  • 6th hour Jazz Band and 4th hour Virtual Jazz (a couple of you) – all go to Wagoner’s Zoom-Zoom (when not in person)

Safe Rehearsing During Covid: ​Covid has made our rehearsals look a lot different.  CLICK HERE to read about Safe Rehearsing in the Covid-Era.

BAND DUES and BAND FORMS are now past due:  Band Dues are $200 for all band members.

  • Submission instructions are in the complete forms packet.
  • The Student info/dues form can be completed in hard copy or by clicking here.
  • The Health, Media, Transportation, and Substance Abuse forms must be completed in hard copy.
  • The Parent info form can be completed in hard copy, but we HIGHLY recommend you complete it electronically.  Open the forms packet for instructions.

This Week in the BVN Band:

CLICK HERE for the November Hybrid Calendar

Monday, November 9th:

  • 7 Period Day/non Block – ALL CLASSES MEET!,
  • “B” Day.  (A-L remote learning, M-Z In-Person)

Tuesday, November 10th

  • Odd Block Schedule
  • “B” Day. (A-L remote learning, M-Z In-Person)
  • Happy Birthday Naomi Roening, Sophomore Color Guard!

Wednesday, November 11th:

  • Even Block Schedule
  • “B” Day. (A-L remote learning, M-Z In-Person)

Thursday, November 12th:

  • Odd Block Schedule
  • “A” Day. (A-L in person, M-Z Remote learning)​​.
  • Tentative:  Band Council Meeting, 3:15 PM.
  • Happy Birthday Eli West, Freshman Euphonium!

Friday, November 13th:

  • Even Block Schedule
  • “A” Day. (A-L in person, M-Z Remote learning)​​.
  • Happy Birthday Caleb Beyer, Senior Bass Clarinet (on Saturday)!

You can continue reading below for information previously shared in our Summer Band Update Newsletter.  Thank you, as always for your careful reading!


Mr. Freeman