Hello BVN Band!

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  This is a little “pre-update”.  You can expect a full band update to be published later tonight… but it’s probably not going to happen until after my kids bedtimes, tonight… and I have one thing that needed to be out a week ago, so I’m sending this now!

If you are making a recording for Solo and Ensemble Festival – please read on, and take careful notes.  If you are not, then you can disregard this email, but please do keep your eyes open for the full band update later tonight!


Timeline/how it works:

  • All recordings must be posted to KSHSAA by the end of the day on Monday, April 5th.  You will email the necessary materials to me, and I will post everything to KSHSAA.
  • To that end, I will need ALL materials in my email by 4:00 on Monday, April 5th.  If it’s later than that, I can’t guaratee it will get posted to KSHSAA.  The earlier the better!

What you, the performer, needs to do:

  • Scan your music and make a pdf file.  Soloists – it can be either your solo only part or the “full score” (solo and accompaniment on the same page).
    • BEFORE YOU SCAN:  make sure to number all measures, and pencil in any edits that you have made (i.e. – a planned breath mark, an adapted articulation).  Anything the judge needs to see should be penciled on before you scan.
  • Make your video recording!  Reminder of the advice for good audio that we shared earlier in the year.  Make sure you are not overdriving your recording mic!
    • When you record, you need to be clearly visible in the recording, and your accompanist should, too.
    • At the beginning of your recording, you must introduce yourself AND hold up the original, legally purchased copy of your music (so the judge can verify that you are copyright legale).  Suggested introduction:
      • Hold up the original copy of the music so it is clearly visible
      • “Hello, I am _____, from Blue Valley North High School, and this is my accompanist _______. We will be performing _____ by ______”.
      • For ensembles:  replace “I am” with “We are the {BVN clarinet choir} (or whatever the name of your group is}”.

Once your recording is made, you need to upload it to youtube as an Unlisted Video, with embedding allowed.

Email BOTH the pdf of your music and the youtube link to me, and you’re done!

Short version –  Check all these boxes:

  • PDF of music
  • Video recording of your performance, with intro while holding up the legal copy of your music.
  • Unlisted Video on youtube, with embedding allowed.
  • Email pdf and youtube link to Mr. Freeman.

If you wish to use BVN facilities or recording equipment, please email me or talk to Mr. Wagoner or I at school on Monday.

Happy Recording!!

All the best,
Mr. Freeman