Band Update 11/21/2021


From the Directors:

The past few days in our band have been AMAZING!  On Thursday, our students organized themselves and gave a great send off to the Unified Bowling Team as they headed to the state tournament!  On Friday, the Jazz Band gave a GREAT performance at the Baker Jazz Festival and had a wonderful day.  On Saturday, our Wind Ensemble got together for the first time and worked with incredible clinicians, as we look ahead to our KMEA Convention and Lied Center Performances.

On top of all of that, we are ALL getting excited for the Winter Park Trip!  The goal/hope/plan is that the majority of our band takes this trip – it will be a great experience and fun time for all!! You can find all of the details in the information in this Update.

Last but certainly not least – we are building our first ever Winter Guard!  CLICK HERE for flyer to share around, and talk it up with friends and other students!  The Winter Guard will get organized with info and tryouts in December, and then the “season” is January – February – March, with culminating contests/performances in March, including Winter Park!

This Update has a BUNCH of info.  Thanks for supporting our Hen House efforts, make sure to read about Pep Bands, our December Concert (and concert attire for students), and much more!

A couple quick reminders:

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman and Mr. Wagoner

Hen House Grocery Bagging Fundraiser!

Our Holiday Grocery Bagging Continues! We need both Parent and Student volunteers.  Make sure to read all of the dress code and other details on the sign up links.  NEW – the Sign-up for December/Christmas-time shifts has been posted!

  • CLICK HERE To sign up for our remaining pre-thanksgiving shifts (this week)
  • CLICK HERE to sign up for Pre-Christmas Shifts (shifts on 12/18, 12/19, 12/22, and 12/23)
  • Students Serve as Grocery Baggers during the busy holiday season.  It’s a wonderful event for us.  We are out in the community, helping and smiling.  Several students have gotten jobs at Hen House, too, following the grocery bagging.  A win – win – win!
  • Hen House makes a donation to the band program based on hours volunteered, and we also collect tips (which are usually quite good!).  Added together, it is usually a very lucrative fundraiser.
  • All proceeds 100% support the band, so ALL Band students can and should volunteer.  In addition, Students who are going on the Winter Park Trip will earn towards their trip!  Wind Ensemble Students are going to have a little bit of expense for our trip to Wichita/KMEA at the end of February, and can use the fundraising to pay for that if they choose!
  • Hen House has rules we must follow.  If you do not follow these, you will be sent home to change and come back
    • Close toed shoes
    • Long pants:  either dark or khaki pants
    • This year’s blue band t-shirt or the BVN Band 1/4 Zip.  (freshman/new student families: we will be ordering these in the next week… wear the blue band shirt for thanksgiving shifts, and we should have the 1/4 zips in time for the christmas shifts)

December in the Band!  Time to Look ahead to a FUN Month! 


    • CLICK HERE for rosters, schedule, and details.
    • We’ll provide a pep band for all home varsity boys and girls bball games, December through February.
    • All Band Students are assigned to either the Blue or Silver Pep Band.  Games are divided evenly between the two pep bands.  If a student cannot make an assigned pep band performance, they can get a sub (on their instrument) from the  other pep band.
    • Percussionists:  Drumset players have been assigned (see the rosters for info).  If you are interested and not on the list, just talk with Mr. Betzelberger and Mr. Freeman!
    • Blue Band is up first – performing for the games on December 3rd!  All details are in the pep band info linked above.

December Band Concert and Concert Attire!

    • We are looking forward to the return of our traditional December Band Concert:  Wednesday, December 15th, at 7 PM in the PAC!  The Blue and Silver Bands will perform, as well as feature performances by our percussionists and jazz band!  And, of course, our traditional (And FUN) ending:  Sleigh Ride and Senior Feature – Greensleeves.
    • CONCERT ATTIRE for Students is “Concert Black” (provided by the students)
      • All Black at a “concert formal” level.
      • Boys:  Black Dress Shirts and Slacks.  Long Black Socks and Black Dress shoes (or your marching shoes)
      • Girls:  While there is more variety in what to wear, it should be the same look as the boys: concert formal black, with an emphasis on modesty.  Black slacks or long black dresses – everything should be longer than knee length when seated.  Black blouses/tops with shoulders covered and nothing low cut.  Black dress shoes (flats recommended).

Academic Support Time Rehearsals!  In December, we will have a couple of rehearsals during Academic Support time so we can combine different band classes into the complete Blue and Silver Concert Bands.  STUDENTS – please mark these on your calendars, and they should be prioritized!  There will be 6 academic support times between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester – we are only asking for 2 for each band.

    • Blue Band (combining 1st hour Blue Band with 2nd hour Concert Band) will rehearse during AST on Thursday 12/2 and Thursday 12/9
    • Silver Band (Combining 1st hour Silver Band with 7th hour Freshman Band) will rehearse during AST on Tuesday 12/7 and Tuesday 12/14.

BVN Band to Winter Park!!

The BVN Bands will travel to and Perform in the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival from Wednesday, March 30th – Sunday, April 3rd!!  All of the information about the trip and how to enroll can be found at these links:

  • Winter Park Trip Kickoff Meeting Livestream. Watch the video for details about the trip.  We went through the trip info packet, as well as how to enroll and much more!
  • Winter Park Trip Info PacketALL of the details!  Itinerary/Cost and payment schedule/how to enroll/fundraising/etc.
  • Winter Park Trip Commitment FormTURN THIS IN by December 3rd (blue box in the band room) along with your initial trip payment of $200 to enroll in the trip!
    • Parents interested in Chaperoning:  we’ll send out more info after 12/3 about chaperoning.  For now – email Mr. Freeman if you want to be considered!
  • Winter Park Student Rules ContractAll traveling students should complete and turn this in before the Winter Break (by 12/21).  Notary publics will be at the 12/15 Band Concert for your convenience.  Make sure to wait to sign it until you are in the presence of the notary. 

The Next Two Weeks ahead in the Band!  Happy Thanksgiving and December Arrives!

CLICK HERE for BVN’s Block/Traditional Schedule Rotation for October – November – December
CLICK HERE for the BVN Bell Schedule

Week of 11/22 – 11/28

Monday, 11/22:

    • Odd Block Classes.
    • 1st Hour:  Blue Band in the Band Room, Silver on Stage
    • Hen House Shifts

Tuesday, 11/23:

    • Even Block Class Schedule with Late Start.
    • Hen House Shifts

Wednesday, 11/24 – Sunday 11/28

    • Thanksgiving Break!  Enjoy Delicious food and wonderful family time!
    • Hen House Shifts on Wednesday

Week of 11/29 – 12/4

Monday, 11/29:

    • Odd Block Classes.
    • 1st Hour:  Silver Band in the Band Room, Blue on Stage

Tuesday, 11/30:

    • Even Block Class Schedule with Late Start.

Wednesday, 12/1: 

    • Odd Block Classes.
    • 1st Hour:  Silver Band in the Band Room, Blue on Stage
    • Wind Ensemble Evening Rehearsal, 6:30-8:00 in the Band Room
    • Winter Guard Audition Clinic in the Aux Gym, 7 – 8:30 PM

Thursday, 12/2:

    • Even Block Classes with Late Start
    • Blue Band Combined Rehearsal During Academic Support Time
    • Winter Guard Audition Clinic in the Aux Gym, 7 – 8:30 PM

Friday, 12/3:

    • 1st Hour:  Silver Band in the Band Room, Blue on Stage
    • Winter Guard Audition Clinic, 7 – 8:30 PM.  Location TBD (Possibly in the PAC)
    • BLUE PEP BAND – First Home Bball Performance!
      • Doubleheader game (girls and boys teams play),
      • 4:45 Call Time.  WW/Brass in Band Room then move to gym.  Drumset players setting up.
      • Approx 5:10 Begin  performing.  5:30 Girls Game tips off.  7 PM (estimated) boys game tips off.
      • 8:30 PM, estimated. Games finish.  Clean-up/pack-up and head home!  Students are dismissed when all pep band music, music stands, and instruments are put away appropriately.
      • BLUE BAND T-SHIRT (This year’s)

Saturday 12/4:

    • ECKMEA District Honor Bands!  Participating students, details should be out very soon.
      • Blue and Gold Bands will rehearse and perform at BVN
      • Red and Jazz Bands will rehearse and perform at BVH

Honor Band Opportunities!

Now that our auditions for EC and John Philip Sousa honor bands have wrapped up, we get to turn our attention to a different type of honor band experiences… The Fountain City Youth Brass Band, and a few different awesome weekend events hosted by colleges!  These are like short, 2 or 3 day version os a summer music camp at a college, and they are PHENOMENAL experiences.  They are open to anyone and everyone – a couple require director recommendations, others are just a sign up.

The Fountain City Youth Brass Band is the BEST experience you can imagine for Brass and Percussion students!  World-class staff build youth brass bands that are amongst the best in the country, right here in our area.  HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Click here for their website and info.

KU’s Prairie Wind Festival is an INCREDIBLE experience for students looking to advance their musical abilities and have a wonderful time working with college professors and students, and world class guest artists.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Seniors can also audition for the KU school of Music at the event. It is, unfortunately, on the same weekend as our Pancake Dinner and Musical, but if you are not participating in those, you should do this!  Just sign-up and go!

UMKC’s MIDWEST HONOR BAND CLINIC, March 11-13, is a phenomenal experience. We have had many students participate in this in the past, and every one comes back with rave reviews!  This one requires director recommendation.  We’ll recommend anyone who is interested!  Look it over now, and let us know if you are interested.  Our recommendations are due by 11/22, so look at it/think it through NOW.

The KSU Concert Band Clinic is January 21-23.  We have never had students attend this, but have heard it is very enjoyable!  It is a director recommended group, and recommendations are happening now.  If you are interested, read the info on their website and let us know!

Seniors – Scholarship Opportunity!

Each year, the Blue Valley Ed Foundation gives one “Kerry Layton Memorial Scholarship”, awarded to one outstanding senior in Band from across the BV School District.  It’s a straightforward application… all seniors should go for it!  CLICK HERE for the application and info.

BVN Band Calendar – Make sure everything is up-to-date!

BVN Band Calendar Webpage.
BVN Bands 2021-2022 Calendar of Events (the “Fridge Calendar”)

Expanding your Musical Horizons!

During the School year, there will be many AMAZING opportunities to make music outside the walls of BVN. Honor Bands, Private Lessons, and much more can and will be highlights of your year, and memories that will last forever.

PRIVATE LESSONS are HIGHLY recommended!  Private lessons help students unlock skills and work on specific techniques that will greatly enhance their playing!  Students who wish to be in the BVN Wind Ensemble, or who want to go for honor bands, take solos to festivals, etc should seriously consider private lessons.  We are lucky to have many AMAZING private instructors in the area – just email Mr. Freeman or Mr. Wagoner for suggestions.

Fountain City Youth Brass Band – an incomparably awesome opportunity!!

The Fountain City Youth Brass Bands are INCREDIBLE.  A premiere organization – one of the best anywhere – and a phenomenal experience for brass and percussion students.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Click here for more info.

Honor Bands

The First honor band experience will be auditions for the ECKMEA District Honor Bands (all band students are eligible), and the Kansas Sousa Honor Band (for 9th Graders).  These are FANTASTIC experiences and well worth the effort to audition.  HIGHLY recommended for all students.

Please find all details of these and much more on our Extra Musical Experiences Webpage.
Audition Materials can be found on the Student Resources Login Page of the website.  Students should know the password.


Students can earn a varsity letter in band, just like in any sport.  Letters are awarded to students who go above and beyond what it takes to earn the band grade.  Volunteering for pep bands, serving as a member of leadership, taking private lessons, participating in FCYBB and/or the KC Youth Symphony, performing at church, and on and on… all of these and much more can qualify for lettering points.  CLICK HERE for lettering details. 

First year letter winners receive the Chenille Letter Award, and 2nd/3rd/4th year winners get pins to add to the letter.