Band Update: 9-18-2022

I write today feeling so incredibly grateful.  During a busy time, our students and parents are coming together in wonderful and empowering ways.  The words fall short of my true feelings – but each one of you has my heartfelt gratitude.  Thank you!!!

This past week featured a lot:

  • Marching Mustangs stepping up and giving GREAT Pre-game and halftime shows in a busy and distracting environment.  Substantial growth in both shows from the first game, and to do it in that setting… WOW!!! The rest of marching season…. suffice it to say I can’t wait!!
  • 2nd hour concert band and 6th hour jazz having a phenomenal week of rehearsals.  SO much growth in those two classes that will be exciting to see in performance in the future.
  • PARENTS – THANK YOU!!!  SOOO many WONDERFUL Band parents coming together.  Our MBB Board is PHENOMENAL!  Our Chaperone Crew… DYNAMITE!!! The Car Wash coordinators and volunteers… WOW WOW WOW!!!!  Special shout out to Dana Laurine and Cyndy Mangan for leading the charge with the Car Wash, Amber Wallace and her amazing chaperone crew, and Jim Decker taking the lead in many ways, including feeding our band kids in two busy weeks.
  • The Car Wash Was SO FUN!!!!!  I don’t know, yet, our total profit… but it almost doesn’t matter.  The fun, the smiles, the clean band truck and trailer… it was an awesome day.

I can’t say it enough…. THANK YOU BVN Band Students and Families!

This week ahead is another full and fun one.

  • Tuesday Evening Parade Rehearsal combining 2nd hour and Marching Mustangs (and dinner after!!)
  • Wednesday Evening Homecoming Parade!
  • Friday Evening Homecoming FB Performance!
  • Make sure to read all of the details in “the week ahead” (below)

PARENTS – Volunteers and  Donations needed!

  • WATER:  ALL Band Families:  once a year, we ask every band family to donate one case of water….. and now is that time! We’ll use these throughout the school year at a wide variety of events.  Please bring the cases into the front of the band room at your earliest convenience.  You can also drop them at the front office during school hours, labeled for the band.
  • MARCHING MUSTANGS Families:  we will be feeding the Marching Mustangs several times in the near future.  We are asking for some donations to help with those meals.  CLICK HERE for details and to sign up to donate.  Thanks again!!
  • CHAPERONES:  We have openings for chaperones for the remainder of our marching band performances.  CLICK HERE To sign up.

Thanks, as always, for your careful reading and support of the Band!

-Mr. Freeman

Contents of the Band Update:  

  • The Week Ahead: 9/19-9/24/2022
  • BVN Band Performance Calendar 22-23.
  • The Fall Semester, at-a-glance.  A cliff’s notes version of what is coming this fall.
  • 22-23 Band Forms/DUES
  • BAND PARENTS – Welcome to the MBB!
    • Welcome letter from Mr. Decker, our MBB President
    • Sign up to help out!
  • Honor Bands – Audition Music!
    • Our Student Resources Page (ask section leaders for the password) has audition materials for BVN, ECKMEA Honor Bands, All-State Honor Bands, and the John Philip Sousa Honor Band
  • Student Resources Page on Band Website

The Week Ahead: 9/19-9/24 – Homecoming Week!

Monday 9/19

  • Odd Block Class Schedule. Homecoming Spirit Week Theme:  Midnight Movie Premiere (AKA Pajama Day!)
  • Marching Mustangs 7 AM Rehearsal
  • Band Leadership Meeting during AST.  Passes distributed during 1st hour.

Tuesday 9/20:

  • Even Block Class Schedule with Late Start.  Homecoming Spirit Week Theme:  Adam Sandler Day
  • Marching Mustangs 7 AM Rehearsal.
  • PARADE REHEARSAL and DINNER!  2nd hour Concert Band Combines with Marching Mustangs!
    • 6-7 PM Rehearsal at BVN.
    • 7-7:30 Band “Team Dinner” in the Commons!

Wednesday 9/20:

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.  Homecoming Spirit Week Theme: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink
  • BVN Homecoming Parade!
    • This year’s Blue Band Shirts!!
    • 5:00 PM:  Pizza Dinner served by the PBC in the back parking lot at BVN, for all parade participants.
    • 5:45 PM:  BAND CALL TIME:  Be ready to go outside the band room (south of the school/in our parking lot) in THIS YEAR’S BLUE SHIRTS!
    • 6:15 PM:  Parade Starts
    • At the end of the parade, we will perform during the pep rally/bonfire behind the school.
    • Once the bonfire is lit, band students are dismissed.  Estimated time 8 PM.
    • Drink a LOT of water on Tuesday/Wednesday!

Thursday 9/21:

  • Even Block Class Schedule with Late Start.  Homecoming Spirit Week Theme:  Maverick and Goose

Friday 9/22:

  • Traditional schedule (all 7 periods) with slight adjustments for the Homecoming Assembly.  Homecoming Spirit Week Theme:  Class Colors
  • Homecoming Assembly Performance for ALL Band Students at the end of the school day.  
  • Marching Mustangs:  Homecoming Football Game Performance! (versus Ray-Pec HS)
    • In FULL Uniform.  This includes uniform Coat, Pants, and Shako (hat).  Uniform Gloves and shoes, and LONG Black Socks – AT LEAST mid-calf length.  MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR SHAKO, SHOES, GLOVES, and LONG ALL-BLACK SOCKS from home!!
    • Underneath the coat:  all students wear the yellow “Here Comes the Sun” t-shirt.  This is a required part of the uniform.
    • By 4:00 PM:  Uniforms will be out and ready for students.  Plan to arrive at BVN in time to get into full uniform and load busses BEFORE our departure time.
    • 4:45 PM:  BAND DINNER! Our MBB is providing dinner for the Marching Mustangs on this evening.  Thank you MBB!
    • 5:30 PM:  Departure time for the DAC.  The official “call time” of the evening.  All students ON THEIR BUSSES by 5:30 PM, in full uniform, with everything they need for performance.
    • 5:45:  Arrive at DAC, unload, set up in stands.
    • 6:10:  Warm-ups on Softball Field
    • 6:45 PM:  BVN Band performs Pregame!  Parents make sure you are in your seats by 6:40!
    • 7 PM: Kickoff.  BVN versus Ray-Pec HS
    • 7:50 PM, estimated:  Halftime of the game, Marching Mustangs Take the Field!
    • After Halftime:  3rd quarter break for the band. Return to seats by or before the 4th quarter.
    • After the game finishes, load busses, return to BVN.
    • Students are dismissed when  instrument, music, and all supplies are properly put away, and their uniform is NEATLY hung back up on their assigned uniform rack.  Best estimate is 10 PM, but this is totally dependent on how long the game goes.  Students should text parents/rides to keep them in the loop with timing.

BVN Band Calendar 2022-2023

CALENDAR UPDATES:  Please note these IMPORTANT updates to our Calendar!

  • Wind Ensemble Camp in November:  This event has been moved up one week to Saturday 11/12.  Previously published date was 11/19… please change this on your calendars!
  • NEW – EXCITING GUEST ARTIST EVENT!!  Crossroads Wind Symphony Concert at BVN on Thursday, 11/17! 
    • The Crossroads Wind Symphony is a semi-professional wind ensemble that both Mr. Solomon and Mr. Freeman are board members for and perform with.   Mr. McCarty and Mr. B have also played a couple of concerts with the group, as have both Mr. and Mrs. Wagoner.  It is an AMAZING group who will be performing on our PAC stage in November.  This will be the CWS’s season opening concert and we want to draw in a lot of local band families!
    • STUDENTS:  lots of bonus lettering points, make-up points/extra credit/etc if you attend!  This evening should be a big “band family” night.   It is possible/yet to-be-decided that some of our students may perform that evening, too.

Fall Semester, At-a-Glance

High School Band is FUN, challenging, and busy… and WORTH IT!!  Every band family, especially new families, have a quick read of the semester at-a-glance, to make sure you know what’s coming.  It’s never too early to ask questions, and the only bad question is the one that goes unasked!

  • September:  Football and Homecoming Performances, and Audition preparations.
    • Marching Mustangs perform at three Home FB games and the homecoming parade, while continuing their weekly rehearsal schedule of 7 AM M/T, Weds evening, and 1st hour rehearsals.
    • Concert Band/Freshman Band join the Marching Mustangs for the homecoming parade.  Details coming soon.
    • Jazz Band rehearses and build skills towards the Coffee shop in October
    • Any interested students should be practicing hard for the KS Sousa Band Audition (9th graders) and the ECKMEA Honor Bands Audition (9th-12th graders)
    • Don’t forget about the BVN Band Car Was this month!!
  • October:  Marching Festivals, BVN Band Coffee shop, and more auditions prep!
    • Marching Mustangs perform at the District Marching Showcase, 3 marching festivals, and Senior Night Football… including the post-game light show!
    • Concert Band/Freshman Band/Jazz Band prepare for the BVN Band Coffee Shop Performance on Tuesday the 23rd!
    • Any interested students are really gearing up for auditions.  Sousa Recordings are due mid-month, and ECKMEA auditions are at the beginning of November.
    • All band students prepare for our BVN Band Auditions for spring concert bands which are in early November.
  • November:  Auditions, Crossroads Wind Symphony at BVN, and prepare for December!
    • November is the audition and prep month.  At the beginning of the Month, all students audition for BVN’s spring concert band classes, and then all classes spend the rest of the month preparing for our December concert and for Basketball pep bands.
    • AMAZING Announcement!  The Semi-professional Band:  the Crossroads Wind Symphony will be giving a concert AT BVN.  Full details coming soon… this is HUGE – ALL Band families should plan to attend!!
  • December:  December Band Concert and Bball Pep Bands
    • All Band classes perform in our end-of-semester December Concert, which is a phenomenal night of music and tradition for our band program.  My heart is full thinking of all of the incredible memories made at this concert.
    • BBall Pep Bands begin.  All band students are split into one of two pep bands, which will alternate BBall game performances, December-February.  These are VERY fun events!  Schedule and roster to be published in November.

Band Forms and Dues

Like many activities, we need to collect a couple of forms from all band students at the start of each year.  In addition, we collect Fair Share Band Dues, which are critical in making the band experience possible for all students.  All of the details are below in the Complete Forms Packet.  Please know that Dues should NEVER cause a student to not participate in band.  If you have any concerns about dues, please email Mr. Freeman.

  • Complete Forms Packet
  • Student info/Dues E-Form (this one can be submitted in hard copy or online… hard copy is the first of the forms in the complete packet linked above)
  • Marching Mustangs:  should have already submitted their forms and dues during Band Camp.  If you have not, they are now due.
  • All other Band Students (Concert, Freshman, and Jazz Band):  please submit your forms and dues by or before Friday, September 16th (deadline extended)

Band Parents – WELCOME to the Mustang Band Boosters! (MBB)

The Band Students need YOU!

Please read this letter from Mustang Band Booster President, Mr. Jim Decker.  the MBB is a WONDERFUL organization of phenomenal people, providing amazing and vital support to our band program.  From Mr. Freeman, Mr. McCarty, and our full band staff – THANK YOU PARENTS!!!

–Begin letter from Mr. Decker–

Hello Mustang Band Parents,

Welcome to the BVN Mustang Band Family for the 2022-2023 school year! It promises to be an exciting year and we’re glad you’re in it with us!

This summer has flown by, and it is time to jump into another great year with BVN Band. As Mr. Freeman has said – we are planning for a full and wonderful year of music – from the marching band to the concert bands (both Fall and Spring) to the jazz bands.

We have a great staff to teach and support our students. Dan Freeman, Director of Bands, Patrick McCarty, Assistant Director of Bands, Charlie Betzelberger, Percussion Instructor, & Amanda Sipes, Color Guard Coach all work tirelessly year-round to make this the best possible program for our kids.

The Mustang Band Booster Club is open free of charge to all BVN Band parents & guardians. If you have a student in the band, you’re already a member. The Mustang Band Booster Club does have an executive board whom, hopefully you’ve had a chance to meet either at the new parent meeting in May or at the Parent meeting on August 6th. To make sure you know the executive board, I want to introduce them below:

President – Jim Decker
Past President – Kim Jacobson
Vice President – Cyndy Mangan
Secretary – Heather Nix
Co-Treasurer – Janna Raper (incoming) and Rob VanderLeest (outgoing)
At Large Member – Paula Nichols
At Large Member – Brooklynn Mieczkowski
At Large Member – Geri Crain

Special thanks to Rob VanderLeest, whose term has treasurer extended past the plan, and to our brand new treasurer Janna Raper.  Rob will be co-Treasurer until Janna is fully up to speed.

There are many needs for parent leadership beyond serving on the board. One immediate need is for someone to co-chair, with Cyndy Mangan, preparing for and running the Car Wash on September 17th. The Car Wash is a fantastic fundraiser for the band which, this year, will be held at Meyer Music.  In addition, LOTS of help is needed for the Car Wash.  Please sign up to help at Car Wash SignUp.

As you can imagine, with a program of this size that includes marching band, concert band, jazz band, & color guard, it takes more people than just the band & guard staff to make things happen. WE NEED YOU! With something for everyone, we can find you a place to help. Do you love road trips? Chaperone one of our Marching Festivals – Olathe, KBA at KU, or Neewollah in Independence, KS. Love football? Come chaperone the band to home football games and get in for free! Do you love to feed people? Join the Feed the Band Committee and serve pizza to hungry teenagers. How about event planning? We’ve got those, too! Car Wash (Car Wash SignUp), Concert on the Lawn, Pancake Dinner, Silent Auction, and more. We even have a place for you if you’re not big on herding teenagers. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes committees, too.

Whether you sign up to volunteer one time or all the time, we are looking forward to getting to know you & your student. Most committees require multiple volunteers so reach out to the committee chair or me if you have any questions. Check out the volunteer opportunities on the band website for more information and get involved in any way that works for you.

We are here to help – please reach out to any board member with questions or concerns. We are looking forward to a great year filled with fantastic music, new friends, and great memories.

Jim Decker
[email protected]

Honor Bands and BVN Audition Music

For students interested in a WONDERFUL musical experience that challenges and inspires, they should consider auditioning for these great honor band experiences.

The ECKMEA District Honor Bands are FANTASTIC, and earning placement in them is the first step towards becoming an All-State Musician, which is the highest musical honor given to individual students in the state of Kansas.  Students who make the EC bands are eligible to audition for the All State Bands.  ECKMEA All-District and KMEA All-State Groups are open to all students, grades 9-12.

  • Auditions for the EC Honor Bands are November 5th.  These will be live/in-person auditions are Gardner-Edgerton HS.
  • Audition Music can be downloaded on our Student Resources Page.  You can get the password from any older member of the band.
  • If you earn placement in one of the EC Honor Groups (there are three concert bands and one jazz band), then you rehearse and perform with these groups on Saturday, December 3rd.
  • GREAT OPPORTUNITY at MNU!!! Kansas HS District/State Honor Band Audition Clinic (Open to any students grades 9-12 planning to audition for KS District/State Honor Bands)
    Sunday, October 16 2-3:15pm

The John Philip Sousa Honor Band is an incredible all-state level group for 7th-9th graders.  Students who make the group will participate in three days of rehearsals and performances in January, at KU.  This honor band experience is one of the BEST, anywhere, and is HIGHLY recommended for all of our 9th graders.

  • The Sousa Band uses recorded auditions.  The recordings have to be submitted by Mr. Freeman or Mr. McCarty. Recordings are due to Mr. Freeman by Wednesday 10/19.
  • CLICK HERE for audition music and more details.

BVN Spring Concert Bands:  All BVN Band Members will audition for placement in one of our spring concert bands.  BVN auditions will be held on Wednesday, 11/2.  Our audition materials will be excerpts of the ECKMEA District Honor Band Audition music.  You can find this music on our Student Resources Page.

Student Resources Page of the Band Website

The “Students only” section of our band website will be utilized throughout the year to distribute many resources to our students, behind a password wall.  Students can ask a director or any older member of the band for the password.  All students should familiarize themselves with this page, as it will be used quite a bit!