Band Update – Holiday Break, 2022-23

What a Month!!  December in the band was spectacular!!  A HUGE Congrats to ALL Band Students for their wonderful performance in our December Concert this past week.  It was a great culmination of the semester.  We are very pleased with all of the performances from that evening – a really enjoyable double Jazz Band Set, a fun performance by our very own “Corporate Creatures”, expressive and impactful performances by both Blue and Silver Band, and our wonderful traditional Sleigh Ride and Greensleeves ending.  It was an incredible night – Thank you Band Students for your work and music!

This Holiday Band Update takes a look ahead to second semester in the band.  Thanks for reading the details as we look ahead to an exciting semester ahead.  Quick Summary of those details:

  • Sign up for Hen House Shifts
  • All-State Auditions on January 7th – Details for the day.
  • Basketball Pep Bands Continue.
  • Calendar Updates for the Spring, all for Wind Ensemble:
    • Wind Ensemble Camp – 1/21/23.
    • Wind Ensemble performances added:  1/11/23 and 3/8/23
  • Cliffs Note Version of what’s ahead in the Spring Semester
  • Important communications note for EVERYONE – The shift to Booster Hub!
  • Honor Bands (for all students) and Senior Scholarship Opportunity

I hope all of you enjoy a wonderful break spending lots of time with family and loved ones.  Give lots of hugs, share a lot of laughs and a lot of smiles.

Musically Yours,
Mr. Freeman

Hen House Holiday Grocery Bagging Fundraiser, 12 /17-12/24/2022.

Basketball Pep Bands, January – February

  • CLICK HERE for the complete Basketball Pep Band Info
  • WELL DONE to our Students for the first pep band on 12/16.
  • FYI – we are going to update call times for the band that arrives later, on doubleheader nights, to better reflect the game schedule (call time will be moved a little bit later).  Details coming after break.

All-State Auditions, Saturday 1/7/2023 (inclement weather fall back date 1/14).

  • For eligible students (anyone who performed with our District Honor Bands)
  • Summary:  Meet at BVN at 5:15 AM, travel to Salina, audition, and return.  Estimated return to BVN of late afternoon/early evening.
  • Important:  Make sure you are smart over break!
    • YES, take a break.  Please do take a few days off.  This will help you audition well.
    • YES, PRACTICE!  Best advice:  some good sessions this week up until a couple of days before christmas, then time off around the holidays, then get back into a consistent routine a week-ish in front of the auditions.
    • Make sure to practice ALL of the Audition.  Excerpts, Scales, Chromatic Scales, and Sight Reading.  WW/Brass Auditioners make sure to follow the prescribed scales exactly as written.

BVN Band Calendar UPDATES for the Spring

Calendar Notes for WIND ENSEMBLE:

  • Wind Ensemble to Perform at the Blue Valley School District Performing Arts Day on January 11, 2023.  This is a during the school day performance – students will be dismissed from classes.  We will perform for elementary students from across the whole BV district at the Hilltop Campus.  It will be a really fun day!  Full details will be distributed after break.
  • Wind Ensemble Camp 1/21/2023.  For Wind Ensemble Members, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  A time to work with professionals and prep for some incredible performances.
  • Wind Ensemble to Perform at the UMKC Conservatory/Music For All Concert Festival on Wednesday, 3/8/2023!  
    • We have received a very prestigious invitation to perform at this festival, along side some incredible band programs from across the region and country.  The festival is hosted by UMKC and sponsored by Music For All, an amazing organization that presents and sponsors these regional festivals across the country.
    • We’ll listen to other groups, give our own performance, and receive clinics from world class educators and clinicians.
    • This is an incredible opportunity that has been in the works for a couple of months… we finally received confirmation during the week of 12/12, and I am really excited to have accepted this invitation!!!
    • Full Details are forthcoming.  Our performance will be in the evening on 3/8/2023.  Mark you calendars for this very special performance

Spring Semester in the Bands, Cliffs Notes Version:

  • January – Pep Bands, All-State Auditions, BV Performing Arts Day, Wind Ensemble Camp.  Spain Trip enrollments due 1/10.
  • February – Pep Bands, BVN Musical!, February Band Concert on 2/15, and KMEA State Convention for all-state performers.
  • March – BVN Area 6th-12th band festival concert, Wind Ensemble at the UMKC/MFA Festival, Post-Season Pep Bands.
  • April – BIG month
    • Festival Month!  Solo and Ensemble Festivals, State Large Group Festival, and pre-festival concert (4/10) and clinics.
    • Pancake Dinner and Night of Jazz and Percussion on 4/26!!
  • May – the culmination month – a truly special time.  BVN Bands Concert on the Lawn/Recognition Dinner on 5/17.  Graduation performance on 5/20.
  • Spain Trip:  Follow the payment schedule!  Likely a rules/details meeting at some point.  Fundraisers!!  This spring is the work time towards this wonderful trip!
  • TBA:  Preparation for 23-24.  Drum Major Auditions and Leadership Application Process.   Summer rehearsals and Band Camp Schedule.  All info coming early in the Spring Semester!

The Shift to Booster Hub! 

  • We are beginning the switch to using Booster hub as our primary organizational platform for our Band Program.
  • What does this mean to you?
    • In the immediate future: you will receive band communications through both Charms and Boosterhub.  Sometime in January, we will shift ENTIRELY to Booster Hub…
    • Once the Spain trip planning gets rolling full speed ahead, Boosterhub will serve as our primary trip planning platform.
  • The immediate TO-DO:  Please make sure you accept the Booster Hub Invite, and make sure that emails from Booster Hub are getting through to your email/on your safe senders list/etc.
  • More to come… Booster hub is a phenomenal web-based organizational platform designed for school groups like our Mustang Band Boosters, and is going to streamline and enhance our operations in many, many ways.

Honor Band Opportunities!

Now that we have passed District Honor Band and Sousa Auditions, a new round of extra honor band opportunities is here!  These are WONDERFUL experiences in which our students will work with collegiate performers and professors, as well as other wonderful band students from all over the region.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The best one is KU’s Prairie Wind Festival! (Click link for all info and to register)  It is a great combination of high level music making and phenomenal people.   February 3rd-4th

William Jewell College in the Northlands hosts a spectacular “Windfest”! This is a director nominated honor band event that will happen Saturday, March 11th, and Sunday, March 12th.  Please let Mr. Freeman or Mr. McCarty know if you are interested!

K-State’s Concert Band Clinic, January 20-22, is a very fun experience!  This one is unique… it’s usually really BIG Bands and usually involves students from the smallest through the biggest schools in the state of Kansas.  It is a director recommended event – please talk with Mr. Freeman or Mr. McCarty if you are interested

These events are like mini summer band-camps.  You’ll build connections/make friendships that will last a lifetime, and make GREAT music with wonderful musicians.

Seniors – Apply for the Kerry Layton Scholarship

The Kerry Layton Memorial Scholarship is an award given to one Blue Valley School District Senior who has participated in Band throughout their High School Life.  It is provided by the Blue Valley Education Foundation, and BVN has had more winners than all of the other BV schools combined…  In the 10 years the award has been given, I believe we’ve had 6 recipients.

The Application is very straightforward:  complete a simple form, submit a resume, and write a paragraph explaining how music has impacted your life.  Applications due February 10th, 2023.

Kerry Layton Memorial Scholarship online application: