Band Update – 2-20-2023


It’s my FAVORITE thing to start off Band Updates with lots of CONGRATS(!!!)… and this one doesn’t dissapoint!!

HUGE Congrats to our Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble on a WONDERFUL concert in the strangest schedule times.  Even with an unexpected switch to Valentine’s Day, all three groups gave outstanding performances.  Due to a separate unforeseen schedule change, Jazz Ensemble did it on less than a week of prep – WOW – and gave a great opening to the concert.  Symphonic band performed one of the most historic works in the band repertoire and brought some Fire to the stage – playing with confidence and energy.  Wind Ensemble rounded it out with challenging and exciting literature performed to a high level.  Mr. McCarty and I are proud directors!

Note for EVERYONE:  Concert/Performance Recordings from this and previous school years can be found on the login page of our band website.

HUGE Congrats to our BVN Pianists!  We had three Pianists perform in the State Piano Festival on Saturday 2/18, and all three brought home top “I” ratings for Superior Performance.  WELL DONE BVN Pianists:  Emerson Harse (BVN Jazz Band), Karmen Hayslett (BVN Symphonic Band), and Anjali Kambhampati (BVN Orchestra).

HUGE Congrats to our BVN State Champion Swim Team!!!!  Several of our state champion swimmers are also Band Students… I won’t try to list them because I’ll inevitably miss some – but, as always, we LOVE our many band students who do “Band and ____” – and continually prove that you can do many different things at the highest of levels.  WAY TO GO SWIMMING MUSTANGS!!

A busy (And FUN run) from now through Spring Break!

The last few weeks heading into spring break are FULL and FUN.  Here’s the “at-a-glance” schedule.  I’ll release details week-by-week in “The Week Ahead” – please read that carefully!

  • This week (Week of 2/20):  Bball Pep Bands Tuesday and Friday.  2nd Drum Major Audition Clinic.  All-Staters to Wichita Thurs-Saturday!
  • Week of 2/27:  Sub State Basketball (volunteer pep bands).  3rd Drum Major Audition Clinic.  During Class Portion of DM Auditions.
  • Week of 3/6:  BVN Area 6-12 Band Concert (ALL Band Students perform!).  State Basketball Tournament (volunteer pep bands).  After School Portion of Drum Major Auditions.  Wind Ensemble to Perform at the UMKC-Music For All Concert Festival!  Start of Spring Break.

PHEW.  It’s going to be busy, but really, really fun.  I will send out details week-by-week.

One final logistical note to pass along:  From now through Spring Break, I will continue to send out Band Updates via TWO systems – CHARMS and BoosterHub.   After spring break, the switchover period will be done, and all Band Updates will ONLY be sent via BoosterHub.  Make sure you have accepted your BoosterHub Invite!!

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman

Contents of the Band Update:

  • From the Director:
    • SO Many Congrats!!!
    • Now to spring break, an overview
    • Make sure you have accepted your BoosterHub Invite!!
  • DETAILS – The Week Ahead 2/20-2/24/2023
  • Basketball Pep Bands – Details.
  • Band Spring Calendar
  • Cliffs Note Version of what’s ahead in the Spring Semester.  A month-by-month glance.
  • Important communications note for EVERYONE – The shift to Booster Hub!

The Week Ahead: 2/20-2/24/2023

Monday 2/20:  No School, President’s Day.

Tuesday 2/21:  Even Block Day.

  • 7:45-8:25 AM:  Wind Ensemble:  Woodwind and Brass Rehearsal
  • After School:  Drum Major Audition Clinic #2
  • BBALL Pep Band – SILVER Pep Band, BLUE SHIRTS!  BVN vs BVH – Boys game only… one band tonight.
    • 6:15 Call time for the 7 PM Game.
    • Only one game tonight, only one band tonight.

Wednesday 2/22:  Odd Block Day

Thursday 2/23:  Even Block Day.  All-State Musicians to Wichita for KMEA State Convention.

Friday 2/24:  Odd Block Schedule today w/slightly altered assembly schedule (no traditional schedule this week b/c of no school Monday)

  • All Band Students dismiss from 7th block at 1:50 PM for the assembly performance (begin performing in the gym a couple minutes after 2:00)
  • All-State Musicians in Wichita for KMEA State Convention.
    • Silver Band:  5:00 Call time, quick warm-up in the band room then move to gym
    • Blue Band:  6:30 Call time:  warm-up on your own in the band room, move to gym by 6:40.
    • NOTE:  This is senior night for both teams – let’s make sure to have a GREAT band presence to honor our Senior athletes!
  • VOLUNTEERS Needed for Concessions at the Bball Games.
    • CLICK HERE to sign up
    • Thanks, in advance, for your wonderful donation of time and energy.  We receive incredible support from the BVN PBC.  These concessions stands are one of the ways we both earn and show thanks for the support.
Saturday 2/25:  All-State Musicians in Wichita for KMEA State Convention.

Basketball Pep Bands, January – February

  • CLICK HERE for the complete Basketball Pep Band Info
  • Standard doubleheader schedule (when both Boys and Girls play on the same evening):
    • Early band:  call time of 5 PM.  Quick warm-up in the band room, then move to the Gym
    • Later Band:  Call time of 6:30 PM:  in the band room – get ready and do a quick warm-up on your personal instrument.  by 6:40 – be in the bleachers and join in the other band that is already performing.

BVN Band Calendar

Spring Semester in the Bands, Cliffs Notes Version:

  • February:  Pep Bands, BVN Musical!, February Band Concert on 2/15, and KMEA State Convention for all-state performers.  Drum Major Audition Clinics.  Regional and State Piano
  • March: BVN Area 6th-12th band festival concert, Wind Ensemble at the UMKC/MFA Festival, Post-Season Pep Bands.
  • April – BIG month
    • Festival Month!  Solo and Ensemble Festivals, State Large Group Festival, and pre-festival concert (4/10) and clinics.  Potential Jazz Festivals
    • EVERYONE MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the Pancake Dinner and Night of Jazz and Percussion on 4/26!!
  • May – the culmination month – a truly special time.  BVN Bands Concert on the Lawn/Recognition Dinner on 5/17.  Graduation performance on 5/20.
  • Spain Trip:  Follow the payment schedule!  Likely a rules/details meeting at some point.  Fundraisers!!  This spring is the work time towards this wonderful trip!
  • TBA:  Preparation for 23-24.  Drum Major Auditions and Leadership Application Process.   Summer rehearsals and Band Camp Schedule.  All info coming early in the Spring Semester!

The Shift to Booster Hub! 

  • We are switching to using Booster hub as our primary organizational platform for our Band Program.
  • What does this mean to you?
    • In the immediate future: you will receive band communications through both Charms and Boosterhub.  After Spring Break, we will discontinue using Charms for communications.
    • Spain Travelers:  we are fully moved to BoosterHub for communications.
    • Keep your eyes open as we shift a lot of our functionality to BoosterHub.  It’s VERY user friendly!
  • The immediate TO-DO:  Please make sure you accept the Booster Hub Invite, and make sure that emails from Booster Hub are getting through to your email/on your safe senders list/etc.