Week of 9/11 – Overview

Band Quick Links:

BVN BAND CAR WASH – Saturday 9/16 at Meyer Music!

Come out for one of our most FUN events of the year – the Band Car Wash!

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for shifts all day long.
    • Load trailer at BVN 8:15 AM, Set up at Meyer Music 9-10 AM.  1st wash shift 9:30-noon, second wash shift noon-2:30, clean up 2-2:30.  Adults and students!!
    • Towels, Microfiber Cloths, Sponges, Window Cleaner, and Car Wash Liquid!  Drop-off details are on the sign-up link.
  • Car Wash is 10 AM – 2:30 PM at Meyer Music
  • Come help at this lucrative and FUN fundraiser for the Band!  Make sure to pump it on your social media feeds – Use THIS POST!!


Each year, our Mustang Club (school-wide Parent Booster Group) provides a LOT of support for the band.  They are WONDERFUL!!!!  We need to provide a bit of concessions volunteers to help out the Mustang Club.  Trust me when I say this – the return on our investment of support to the Mustang Club is INCREDIBLE.  Thanks To ANYONE who can help with concessions!

For the fall, the Mustang Club has asked the Band for Concessions Support at three events.  Click on the links below to sign up to help!


During marching season, our parent chaperones are critical for the band… and a lot of fun for the parents!  NO experience required, a GREAT way to support the band and your kid, surrounded by wonderful people.

Chaperone Sign-ups are on the Band Calendar.  Click on the appropriate event on the calendar, and then find the volunteer button!  Sign ups go live on the evening of Monday 8/28.  Times listed below are the times for Chaperones to arrive at BVN.

  • BVN Football vs. BVW (MS Band Night) – Sep, 08 2023 4:40 PM
  • ​KC Marching Band Championships – Blue Springs South – Sep, 23 2023. All Day event exact time TBD
  • ​BVN Football vs. BVSW – Sep, 29 2023 5:00 PM
  • BV District Marching Showcase – October 2 5:00 PM
  • BVN Football vs. BV (Homecoming) – Oct, 06 2023 5:00 PM
  • Branson Marching Invitational (overnight) – Oct 13 Noon – Oct 14 11:00 PM (return to BVN actually probably more like 1 AM on 10/15).  Times estimated and to be confirmed.
  • ​BVN Football vs. SJA (Senior Night/Light Show) – Oct, 20 2023 5:00 PM
  • Kansas Bandmasters Association Championships – Oct, 21 2023. All day event time exact time TBD
  • Potential home FB game on Oct 27, 5 PM


  • Kansas Sousa Band, for 9th Graders – CLICK HERE For audition music and details.
    • Mid-America Nazarene is hosting a GREAT Sousa Band Audition preparation clinic on Sunday, September 17th, 2-3:15 PM
    • Register here:  https://www.mnu.edu/academic-departments/arts-humanities-department/sousa
    • Download This Sousa Clinic PDF for more info
  • KMEA All-District and All-State Band
    • Woodwinds and Brass: CLICK HERE For audition music and details.
    • Percussion and all Jazz Auditioners:  CLICK HERE for auditions music.  (this will take you to our Members only section of the website… one more click from there to the folder of audition materials)
    • NOTE:  the KMEA Auditions Materials will also be what we use for auditions for Spring BVN Concert Bands.

FOUNTAIN CITY YOUTH BRASS BAND EXPO!  Another SPECTACULAR Opportunity for our Brass Performers and Percussionists.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

CLICK HERE for the info flyer.   Here is a summary of the event:

  • Saturday, September 16th.  It will be an all-day event and SOOOO worth it!!  You’ll work with the BEST brass professionals in the region… the Fountain City Brass Band is INCREDIBLE, and the youth brass program they run is one of the best in the country, if not the world. (and that’s not an exaggeration).
  • More info/registration at www.fcyba.net

IMPORTANT: Stay up with Band Info!

Make a Shortcut, one touch, on your phones to the BAND CALENDAR Webpage: https://bvnbandboosters.boosterhub.com/calendar/1413#

On that page, you’ll find all available details of all band events.  You are also one click away from:

  • The Band Update Website (this page)
  • The rest of the Band BoosterHub Site, including our store and much more.
  • A couple more clicks gets you to our Members Only Page, which has resources for students and downloads of performance recordings (audio and video) as they become available.

SPAIN TRAVELERS:  Read this, and pay attention to Email:

  • CLICK HERE for our Spain Trip Webpage.
  • The first Quarter of the school year will have several tasks for all Spain Travelers, as we put all of the details together for our upcoming trip.
  • STUDENTS:  Make sure to complete the Roommate Request form up by 9/11
  • Chaperones:  Make sure to complete the Chaperone Info Form by 9/2
  • IMMEDIATE TO-DO:   PASSPORTS!!!  If you have not yet acquired your passport, the time is NOW!  You might need to consider an expedited process at this time, to ensure your passport is processed in time.  Insider tips:
    • Pay attention to ALL the details on the Passport Application.  A minor mistake can delay processing.  Be picky with your passport picture, too!
    • The application asks for a date of travel.  List your departure date a week-ish in front of our actual travel.
    • It’s been a while since I did this… but hopefully someone can confirm for me:  The Post Office Location in Stillwell (199th and Metcalf) used to be the BEST place to complete your application.  Previous experience:  no appointment required and they are WAY on top of it – quick, kind, and DONE.
    • A couple final fundraising pushes…. If EVERYONE helps it could make a good dent in our final payments!
    • All-Travelers: a big info survey…. medical info, food allergies, official travel info (name as spelled on passport, passport #’s, etc), and more.  This is a BIG one.  When it comes out – complete it ASAP!
    • And More!
  • Traveler Status:
    • We have a handful of travelers with questions about their status (i.e. land only or full trip?  Going on the trip or not?).
    • ALL Traveler Status Questions need to be answered by September 1st.
  • Final Payments:
    • Hard to believe we are down to the final payment:
    • October 1:  $625.  And everyone’s trip paid IN FULL by 10/1.
    • Please be ON TIME with these payments.
    • We hope that some final fundraising push will LOWER these payments.
  • PAY ATTENTION – then Respond Quickly and Appropriately
    • Please Pay CLOSE attention to all email communication about the trip, and reply QUICKLY.  This helps us SOOOOO much, behind the scenes.  We’ll have a LOT of info to process… it goes SO much easier when we are not also tracking down non-repliers.
    • If one of our Trip Coordinators contacts you, reply like it is from ME (or Mrs. Krulik/Mr. McCarty/Mrs. Erpelding).  The coordinators are doing a whole bunch of work, pro bono, to make this trip happen for YOU.  Thank you for showing your gratitude with awesome and QUICK replies.

1st Quarter in the Band, At-A-Glance


  • Marching Mustangs Morning/Evening Rehearsal schedule continues through the month.
  • Regular weekly schedules all month except no school Monday 9/4 (Labor Day)
  • Big Events:  Sat 9/23 Blue Springs South Marching Festival, Football Games on Fri 9/8 (MS Band Night) and Fri 9/29!


  • Marching Mustangs Morning/Evening Rehearsal schedule continues on all regular school days through Friday 10/20.  Morning/Evening rehearsals end on Friday 10/20
  • Regular weekly schedules all month except no school Friday 10/13 and PSAT Testing Day (Date TBD)
  • Big Events for Marching Mustangs: Monday 10/2 BV District Marching Showcase (a Really fun one!!), Football Games on Friday 10/6 (homecoming) and 10/20 (senior night/light show!).  Marching Festivals (!!!) on 10/14 (Branson… two day trip leave Friday 10/13) and 10/21 (Kansas Bandmasters Championships @ KU).  POSSIBLE home football playoff game on 10/27 (details TBD)
  • Big Events for EVERYONE:  HOMECOMING PARADE (all band members perform) on Wednesday 10/4.  Coffee Shop Night (performance for Jazzers and Concert Band) on Tuesday 10/24
  • Sousa Band Audition Recordings due Friday 10/20, for interested 9th graders.

November-December will be fun, too!

  • We switch Concert Band and Marching Mustangs to Blue/Silver Concert Bands, who prepare the December Concert.
  • ECKMEA All-District Honor Band and Jazz Auditions in Early November lead to the ECKMEA District Honor Groups – rehearsals and performances in Early December.
  • SPECIAL GUEST ARTISTS VISIT BVN!!! The Fountain City Brass Band will do a residency at BVN in Mid-November!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blue/Silver Basketball Pep Bands:  rosters will be set in November and we’ll have Basketball Games in December.  Always a BLAST and a huge support to our community!
  • Our Annual December Concert is a highlight of the year, each and every year!
  • And… of course… Heading to SPAIN at the end of December!!