Happy Holidays to All!

First semester was WONDERFUL!  SO much great student growth, wonderful memories, and outstanding music/performances.  I am VERY excited to head to Spain with many of you, and even more excited for our Spring Band Classes!!

Over the holidays – everyone should definitely take a break!  I do have to remind our All-State Auditioners that your all-state auditions are shortly after we come back – Saturday 1/13.  Make sure you DO take a break but also balance your time and stay prepared for that audition.

I hope that all of our wonderful band family has a great holiday break.  Enjoy and treasure this time with family and friends.

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman

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IMPORTANT: Stay up with Band Info!

Make a Shortcut, one touch, on your phones to the BAND CALENDAR Webpage: https://bvnbandboosters.boosterhub.com/calendar/1413#

On that page, you’ll find all available details of all band events.  You are also one click away from:

  • The Band Update Website (this page)
  • The rest of the Band BoosterHub Site, including our store and much more.
  • A couple more clicks gets you to our Members Only Page, which has resources for students and downloads of performance recordings (audio and video) as they become available.

Coming in January…. the Spring Semester in the Band, at-a-glance

In the meantime –  Happy Holidays!!