Band Update 9/26/2021


  • From the Directors:
    • Congrats and Thank You!
    • Everyone:  Water and Tissue Donations.
    • Everyone:  Band Forms and Dues!
    • BV District Marching Showcase tomorrow – Monday 9/27!
    • Marching Mustangs – make sure the FB Game on October 29th is on your calendars
  • The Week Ahead in the bands! 9/27-10/1
    • Next Week:  BV District Showcase, Wednesday nigh parade rehearsal, and P/T Conferences
    • COMING SOON – the details for next week (10/4 – 10/8) – A BIG week with the Homecoming Parade and Homecoming/Senior Night Football and BVN Band Annual Light Show!  Waiting on a couple details before I publish the band info…
  • District Honor Band and Sousa Band Auditions Approach!  REGISTRATIONS SOON!!
  • Calendar Updates – Please read carefully and update your personal calendars!
  • Expanding your Musical Horizons – Honor Bands and More

From the Directors:

Another week, another FANTASTIC performance by the Marching Mustangs!   The MM’s worked hard and gave strong performances in Pre-game, halftime and in the stands!  HUGE THANK YOU to the MANY parents who are pitching in and helping with the band.  Chaperones, concessions, helping with meals, helping push equipment, providing rides, encouraging students to practice…. it ALL makes a HUGE difference – THANK YOU!! 

PARENTS – CHAPERONES NEEDED for our Marching Season!  CLICK HERE to sign up to chaperone any of our home football games and marching festivals.  No experience necessary – chaperoning is FUN and a GREAT way to support your band students.  We provide on-the-job training, no worries.  😉

Donations Needed!  From All Band Families:  Each year, we ask all band families to donate 1 case of bottled water, and facial tissues (kleenex) – in whatever amount you choose.  If you haven’t yet donated, please do – we can use it!!  Please send in your donations any time – just have your band student bring them to the front of the band room any time.  You can also drop them in the main office, labeled for the band.

Band Forms and Dues:  CLICK HERE for the complete forms packet, which includes all necessary information.  If you have not yet submitted forms and dues, they are now do ASAP.  Hard copies of the forms are available in the band room, if needed.  Forms/dues can be turned into the blue box just outside Mr. Freeman/Mr. Wagoner’s office.

BV DISTRICT SHOWCASE is TOMORROW – Monday 9/27!!   This is an AWESOME night.  All 5 BV High School Bands perform for each other, at the DAC.  EVERYONE should attend.  PARENTS – be aware that you should arrive early to secure seating.  A large chunk of seating is saved for each of the bands, as the main purpose of the night is for our band programs to see each other perform.  Full details for Marching Mustangs are in “the week ahead” (below), including dinner!!  The show will begin at 7 PM, and we’re up first this year (Followed by BVNW – BVW – BVSW – BVH, in that order).  It will finish approximately 8:30 PM, when we’ll load up and return to BVN.

Marching Mustangs – Calendar Check:  A few weeks ago, I added a potential home football game on Friday, October 29th.  This is a unique game – it is a “regular season” game as every team in the state will play that week, guaranteed.  However, it’s also the first round of playoffs (every 6A in the state is seeded in a big tournament), and who is the home team is determined by their ranking in the bracket.  It’s getting more and more likely that we will host a home game on that Friday.  If we host a home game, then the band will give a full performance, so please make sure this is on your calendars.  More to come.  (FYI – if the team advances through the playoffs in November, we will use voluntary pep bands with no field performance.  The game on 10/29 is the last possible full marching show FB game).

Band in the era of Covid. CLICK HERE to read about our current covid-mitigation-in-band-rehearsals

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman and Mr. Wagoner

The Week Ahead:  9/27-10/1/2021

CLICK HERE for BVN’s Block/Traditional Schedule Rotation for August-September
CLICK HERE for the BVN Bell Schedule

Monday, 9/27:

  • Odd Block Classes
  • Marching Mustangs:  7 AM Rehearsal, with a slightly adjusted schedule
    • 7 AM – Unload Trailers
    • 7:20 – Official rehearsal start time – start with warm-ups in sectionals.
    • 7:35 – Full ensemble rehearsal begins.   Regular dismissal at the end of 1st hour.
  • Marching Mustangs – performance at the BV District Marching Showcase!
    • Full Uniform Performance, wit this year’s Gray “Road not Taken” shirt under the marching uniform.
    • by 4:15 PM:  Band Room open for uniforms.  Full uniform with Gray Shirt Underneath
    • 4:45 PM:  DINNER provided for the Marching Mustangs – either outside OR in the Commons! (we’ll make a “game day” decision based on weather)  After dinner – into uniform and load up busses quickly.
    • Upon arrival at the DAC, Busses will drop off in the upper lots (NOT like a football game).  Enter the stadium and head to the field.  Line up cases neatly wherever instructed to do so.  Once instruments are out – report to the performance FB field – we get to warm-up on field since we are first.
    • 7:00:  BV District Showcase Begins!  Performance order is:
      • BVN Marching Mustangs! (including a performance of the National Anthem)
      • BVNW Howlin’ Husky Marching Band
      • BVW Jaguar Pride Marching Band
      • BVSW Timberwolves Marching Band
      • BVH Tigers Marching Band
    • 8:30, Estimated:  end of full showcase.  Load up trailers and busses and return to BVN.
    • After return to BVN: Students are dismissed when their instrument and uniform are put away correctly and neatly.

Tuesday, 9/28:

  • Even Block Class Schedule with Late Start
  • Marching Mustangs: 7 AM Rehearsal IS CANCELLED – NO 7 AM on TUESDAY THIS WEEK!  (Yes 7 AM monday, and yes 7 AM on tuesday will return next week 10/5… but NO tuesday 7 AM this week.  Enjoy late start!)
  • Section Leaders and Drum Majors:  Meeting During North Time

Wednesday, 9/29: 

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.
  • Marching Mustangs AND ALL PARADE MARCHERS – Freshman Band + other Volunteers!: White Out Wednesday Rehearsal – at BVN!!
    • 5:30 – 6:30:  Percussion and Color Guard Sectionals
    • 6:30 – 7:30:  PARADE REHEARSAL – ALL Members of the Parade Band should attend!  Meet on the West Turf FB Field at BVN – the one with lights, and we’ll go from there!
    • 7:30 – 8:30:  Marching Mustangs Wednesday Evening rehearsal.

Thursday, 9/30:

  • Even Block Schedule with Late Start
  • Band Council:  Meeting During North Time
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences with Mr. Freeman after school (see info/sign-up links from BVN for more details)

Friday, 10/1:  No School!  Enjoy the long weekend!  P/T Conferences with Mr. Freeman in the morning (see info/sign-up links from BVN for details), and Mr. Wagoner through the morning and early afternoon.

COMING SOON:  DETAILS for  first week of October:  Wednesday 10/6 is the Homecoming Parade Performance, Friday 10/8 is Homecoming/Senior Night Football and will also be the Marching Mustangs Postgame Light Show!   I am waiting on a couple of details about the Homecoming Parade Performance night before publishing our Band Details.  I’ll get them out as soon as I can!!

ECKMEA District Honor Band and Kansas Sousa Band Auditions Approach!

For ALL Band Students:  if you are interested in auditioning for the ECKMEA district Honor Bands, it’s time to start practicing hard! (If you’re not already doing so).  This is a competitive audition, but well worth the experience, and making the honor groups is AWESOME, as well as the first step towards earning all-state status.  HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!

For ALL 9th Grade Band Members:  If you are interested in auditioning for the Kansas John Philip Sousa Honor Band, it’s time to be practicing!  Audition recordings are due in Mid-October.  The Sousa Band is a FANTASTIC experience – if you make the group, you’ll rehearse and perform in January at a World-Class Venue: The Lied Center at KU.  HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!!

For full details for both auditions, go to our “students only” login page of the website.

BVN Band Calendar

BVN Band Calendar Webpage.
BVN Bands 2021-2022 Calendar of Events (the “Fridge Calendar”)

Recent Calendar Updates – please double-check/make these updates in your own calendars!

  • ATTENTION MARCHING MUSTANGS – NEW ADDITION:  Friday, October 29th, we have a potential home football game!  This is a guaranteed game – the BVN football team WILL play that night, but it is the first round of playoffs.   We will not know if it is a home or away game until later in the season.  If it is a home game – we will give a full performance!  If not – we won’t.
  • Wind Ensemble Performances on Friday, February 25th (KMEA), and Sunday, February 27th (Lied Center/KU) have been added.
  • Homecoming Week – Parade and Light Show!
    • Please note the Homecoming Parade will be on Wednesday, October 6th (Marching Mustangs and Freshman Band Combine to perform in this parade!). This is a VERY fun event.
    • Friday, October 8th will be a BIG NIGHT! It will include Senior Night for the Football Team and Marching Mustangs, Homecoming Events, AND our annual Marching Mustangs Post-Game Light Show Performance (they shut off the stadium lights and the band lights up the field!)
  • Save the Dates for Summer Band Camp 2022 (for the 2022-2023 School year!
    • July 25th – July 30th, 2022: “Pre-Camp” week. Percussion/Color Guard/Leadership/Rookies!
    • July 31 – August 6th, 2022: Band Camp! With our parent performance on Saturday the 6th.

Expanding your Musical Horizons!

During the School year, there will be many AMAZING opportunities to make music outside the walls of BVN. Honor Bands, Private Lessons, and much more can and will be highlights of your year, and memories that will last forever.

First up will be auditions for the ECKMEA District Honor Bands (all band students are eligible), and the Kansas Sousa Honor Band (for 9th Graders).  These are FANTASTIC experiences and well worth the effort to audition.  HIGHLY recommended for all students.

Please find all details of these and much more on our Extra Musical Experiences Webpage.
Audition Materials can be found on the Student Resources Login Page of the website.  Students should know the password.