Band Update: End-of-Summer, 2022

A HUGE congratulations to our Marching Mustangs for a SPECTACULAR Band Camp!!!  Also, lots and lots of heartfelt thanks to all of the parents who volunteered and donated to make popsicle breaks, the band picnic, and ice cream social happen.  WOW!!!  Thanks to EVERYONE!

With the start of school approaching, we have a couple of voluntary pep bands and some beginning-of-the-year logistics to get going on….. so…. here is our first Band Update for the 2022-2023 School Year!

It is HIGHLY ADVISED that EVERY Band Member and Band parent should favorite/link the Band Update Webpage on the homescreens of your phones/devices so it’s always one-click away. 

Contents of the Band Update:  

(in the contents, I will post quick links for sign-ups/events/etc, but not all details… kind of a Cliff’s notes version….  Scroll down into the band update for all the details)

Thank you for your careful reading of all band info, and an even bigger thanks for your support of all things Band!!

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman

The Next Two Weeks Ahead, 8/8/22 through 8/22/22

Week of 8/8-8/12

  • Wednesday 8/10:  Volunteer Pep Band!
    • For the New Mustang Night.  Join us in a very FUN pep band as we welcome new students to BVN!
    • Open to ALL Band Members in ALL Band Classes.
    • 5:15 – 6:15 PM, wear this year’s blue band shirts, which you can pick up in the band room when you arrive.
    • CLICK HERE to sign up and for more details.
  • Wednesday 8/10 – MARCHING MUSTANGS First Wednesday Evening Rehearsal!
    • Throughout marching season, the Marching Mustangs will rehearse from 6:30-8:30 on Wednesday evenings.  Color Guard and Drumline will start early (details communicated by Mr. B and Mrs. Sipes).  These rehearsals will be either at BVN, or at the DAC (District Activities Center) at 135th and Switzer (football stadium just south of BVNW).  Location will be communicated weekly.
    • Due to New Mustang Night, this week’s rehearsal will start at 7:30!  So, rehearsal is 7:30 – 8:30.
    • Location:  BVN’s east Turf FB Field (the one with the track).
    • White out Wednesday!  Please wear white shirts to all Weds PM rehearsals.

Week of 8/15 – 8/-19

  • Tuesday 8/16:  Volunteer Pep Band!
    • For New Mustang Orientation.  Join us for a pep band during the final assembly for all of our BVN 9th graders and new students.  Another fun one!
    • Open to ALL Band Members in ALL Band Classes.  9th graders/new students: you don’t need to perform… the assembly is for you – enjoy!
    • 9:50 to approx 10:45/11:00 AM.  Wear this year’s blue band shirts, which you can pick up in the band room when you arrive, if needed.
    • Required for leadership.  If you are mustang mentor – YES you can do your mentor job and perform with the pep band that morning, no problem.
    • CLICK HERE to sign up and for more details.
  • Wednesday 8/17 – Friday 8/19:  First three days of school!
    • all three days will be a traditional schedule/all 7 classes meet, no late start.
    • We will take pictures in all band classes wearing this year’s navy blue shirt!  These pictures will go in the BVN Fall Activity Guide.
    • YES – we WILL play instruments!  Bring your instruments on day one of ALL Band classes! (and all other class days, too).
  • Wednesday 8/17:  Marching Mustangs Wednesday Evening Rehearsal
    • 6:30 – 8:30 at BVN. On the westturf field (the one with lights).
    • Wear a white shirt!

Monday, 8/22 – Marching Mustangs Performance for KMBC 9’s Back to School Special – “Banding Together”!!!

  • 6:30 AM:  on the East Turf Field, ready to go!
  • Perform pep tunes 6:45-6:55ish.  News Chopper 9 fly’s over during this time to get aerial footage as well as camera crew on the field.
  • Shift to set-up for Johnny Rowlands’ live broadcast
  • 7:15 AM:  Live Broadcast.
  • When finished – Breakfast provided!
  • After breakfast, we’ll continue with our first Monday “7 AM” rehearsal of the marching season.
  • Reminder that we’ll rehearse at 7 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout marching season
    • On Mondays:  7AM to the end of 1st hour
    • On Tuesdays:  7 AM to approx 8:10 AM, with plenty of time to get inside for your 2nd hour class.

BVN Band Calendar 2022-2023

Band Forms and Dues

Like many activities, we need to collect a couple of forms from all band students at the start of each year.  In addition, we collect Fair Share Band Dues, which are critical in making the band experience possible for all students.  All of the details are below in the Complete Forms Packet.  Please know that Dues should NEVER cause a student to not participate in band.  If you have any concerns about dues, please email Mr. Freeman.

  • Complete Forms Packet
  • Student info/Dues E-Form (this one can be submitted in hard copy or online… hard copy is the first of the forms in the complete packet linked above)
  • Marching Mustangs:  should have already submitted their forms and dues during Band Camp.  If you have not, please do so ASAP.
  • All other Band Students (Concert, Freshman, and Jazz Band):  please submit your forms and dues by or before the final Friday in August – 8/26/22.

Honor Bands and BVN Audition Music

For students interested in a WONDERFUL musical experience that challenges and inspires, they should consider auditioning for these great honor band experiences.

The ECKMEA District Honor Bands are FANTASTIC, and earning placement in them is the first step towards becoming an All-State Musician, which is the highest musical honor given to individual students in the state of Kansas.  Students who make the EC bands are eligible to audition for the All State Bands.  ECKMEA All-District and KMEA All-State Groups are open to all students, grades 9-12.

  • Auditions for the EC Honor Bands are November 5th.  These will be live/in-person auditions are Gardner-Edgerton HS.
  • Audition Music can be downloaded on our Student Resources Page.  You can get the password from any older member of the band.
  • If you earn placement in one of the EC Honor Groups (there are three concert bands and one jazz band), then you rehearse and perform with these groups on Saturday, December 3rd.

The John Philip Sousa Honor Band is an incredible all-state level group for 7th-9th graders.  Students who make the group will participate in three days of rehearsals and performances in January, at KU.  This honor band experience is one of the BEST, anywhere, and is HIGHLY recommended for all of our 9th graders.

  • The Sousa Band uses recorded auditions.  The recordings have to be submitted by Mr. Freeman or Mr. McCarty. Recordings are due to Mr. Freeman by Wednesday 10/19.
  • CLICK HERE for audition music and more details.

BVN Spring Concert Bands:  All BVN Band Members will audition for placement in one of our spring concert bands.  BVN auditions will be held on Wednesday, 11/2.  Our audition materials will be excerpts of the ECKMEA District Honor Band Audition music.  You can find this music on our Student Resources Page.

Student Resources Page of the Band Website

The “Students only” section of our band website will be utilized throughout the year to distribute many resources to our students, behind a password wall.  Students can ask a director or any older member of the band for the password.  All students should familiarize themselves with this page, as it will be used quite a bit!