Band Update: 11-7-2022

After a two-week hiatus – the Band Update is back!!!  There is a LOT to share in this update… it’s been a busy couple of weeks. My apologies for the lack of an intervening update…  combining the busy end of marching band with the extra work/time switching over to concert band along with a rash of illness in the Freeman household, I haven’t been on top of correspondence the last couple of weeks.  You have my thanks for understanding delayed email replies and the lack of a band update!

On to the most important topic… SOOO Many CONGRATS and THANK YOU’S to pass along!!

  • HUGE CONGRATS to our Jazz Ensemble and Fall Concert Band for WONDERFUL performances at the Coffee Shop!!! It was an outstanding night of music and yumminess, and had a great vibe – relaxed, supportive, and an overall fantastic evening.  And a special thanks to the fantastic team of parents that made it happen!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS falls so very, very short of my feelings to our MARCHING MUSTANGS!!!  AN INCREDIBLE Marching show PEAKED at the Neewollah Festival.  1st Place in our class with the best show run of the year (and probably the best show run by our Marching Mustangs in several years), along with an outstanding parade performance (“I” rating) and very fun day overall.  It was an exclamation point to a phenomenal marching season.  The amount of individual and ensemble growth these past few months was ASTOUNDING, with wonderful memories being made in the right ways – through hard work, teamwork, valuing and working hard at little details, and getting a little bit better everyday.  Important skills that empower for a lifetime.
  • AUDITIONS WEEK has now come and gone.
    • I am incredibly proud of ALL BVN Band Students who completed their LIVE audition for our spring band classes.  We have not done an in-person audition format since pre-covid… and there is an intrinsic value in showing up and getting it done which recorded auditions lack.  It takes a little bit more courage, and is more “real world” in many ways.  The experience is very valuable, and our students did it!
    • Congratulations also to all of our students who completed the ECKMEA All-District Honor Ensemble Auditions this past Saturday.  As of the writing of this update, I’m still anxiously clicking the “refresh” button for, where results are posted.  There was a behind-the-scenes delay in releasing results, so we’re waiting a little longer than normal for these, but should have them very soon.  Whatever the results may be, I am VERY proud of the students who completed this challenging and competitive audition.  Well done!!

Looking ahead, it’s time to show your support for the band!  We have two events in the near future supporting our wonderful BVN Band Students!

  • Tuesday, 11/15 – Support the Band with your Lunch and/or Dinner Plans…. it will be MINSKY’S DAY!
    • from 10:30 AM – 10 PM, Minsky’s will donate up to 20% of your total purchase to the band.
    • Just make sure to mention “this is for the BVN Band” (or similar) when you check out, in person or for call in orders.
    • In addition, for the entire week of 11/14 – Mention the BVN band at Minsky’s, and they’ll donate 15%.
    • CLICK HERE for the flyer to share far and wide!
  • The return of our Hen House Fundraiser!! HOLIDAY GROCERY BAGGING!  This is a FANTASTIC fundraiser for the band program and your participation is SO impactful!
    • We need both Students and Parents to fill volunteer shifts for the the Thanksgiving rush at Hen House
    • Volunteer Shifts are Saturday – Wednesday, 11/19 through 11/23.  Each shift is very manageable:  3 hours in length.  4 students and 1 parent per shift.
    • This one is for real… it is WONDERFUL for our band students/families to be visible in the community and we earn very good income for the band.
    • Click this link to sign up!

From now through Thanksgiving, Band Classes are  in rehearsal and preparation mode.  1st hour students have done a nice job transitioning back to indoor band, and 2nd and 6th hour band classes are already reading music for our December concert.  A couple of quick schedule notes to pass along for these weeks:

  • WIND ENSEMBLE CAMP IS POSTPONED.  We are postponing this wonderful day which has our Wind Ensemble work with incredible professional musicians to January.  So – the event scheduled for this coming Saturday 11/12 is not happening this week.  More details about the reschedule coming soon!
  • Come see the CROSSROADS WIND SYMPHONY.  Crossroads is a FANTASTIC professional-level band that will be rehearsing and performing right here at BVN!  Students – get 3 lettering points for attending the concert or use it for a performance make-up, if needed!  Save the date – The performance is Thursday, November 17th, at 7 PM in our BVN PAC.
  • Blue and Silver Band info.  For our December concert, all 1st and 2nd hour band students are split into the Blue and Silver Concert Bands.  These are “even split” groups – meaning there is not a top or bottom band.  Students rotate parts and older students are encouraged to mentor younger performers.  It is a unique approach to this time of year in band that we inherited from Dr. Roberts and gladly continue the tradition.

Looking ahead to December:  Make sure your calendar is marked for our Wednesday, 12/14 Band Concert! 

  • This night will feature our Jazz Ensemble and Blue/Silver Concert Bands, and is always a wonderful ending of our semester with special traditions to end the concert.
  • Double-check your Full Concert Uniform – This is the required uniform for all formal Concert Performances from November through the end of the school year.  These uniforms are provided by students/families.  It is Concert Black Attire:
    • Head to Toe Black (all black – no patterns/logos/etc).
    • The goal is to look uniform and cohesive as an ensemble and cause the audience to notice what you a performing, rather than what you are wearing.
    • Tops: 
      • Black Dress Shirts or Black Dresses/Blouses.  Shoulders should be covered with no low-cut necklines, please.
      • Ties and coats are acceptable and look great, but are not required (and must be all black).
    • Bottoms:
      • Black Dress Slacks, Black Skirts/Dresses/Blouses, Black Socks, and All Black Dress Shoes (no patterns or other colors)
      • If skirts or dresses are worn, please make sure they are at least knee length when seated.
      • Please be aware that black leggings are not considered dress pants.
      • Light and modest (not oversized) jewelry is acceptable.

Make sure to check out the BVN Fall Activity Guide (Digital Edition)!  It has several great pages of band pictures.  We will give out hard copies in band classes this week.  Band Students are looking good!

Musically yours,
-Mr. Freeman

Contents of the Band Update:  

  • From the Directors
    • Congratulations and Thanks!
    • Support the Band – Minsky’s and Hen House!
    • Quick notes: Wind Ensemble Camp Postponed, Crossroads Wind Symphony, and Blue and Silver Bands!
    • Looking ahead to our December Concert and Full Concert Attire!
    • BVN Fall Activity Guide!
  • The Next Two Weeks Ahead: 11/7-11/11 and 11/14-11/18/2022
  • BVN Band Performance Calendar 22-23.
  • The Fall Semester, at-a-glance.  A cliff’s notes version of what is coming this fall.
  • 22-23 Band Forms/DUES
  • Mustang Band Boosters News:
    • Current Support Needed
    • MBB Board Meeting Schedule
  • Student Resources Page on Band Website

The Next Two Weeks Ahead: 


Monday 11/7

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.

Tuesday 11/8

  • Even Block Class Schedule

Wednesday 11/9

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.

Thursday 11/10

  • Even Block Classes
  • Leadership Pep Band Performance at District Office
    • 7:45 AM load van
    • 8 AM depart for DO
    • 8:15 Set-up and perform
    • 9:15 return to BVN
    • Blue Band Shirts and jackets (outdoor performance, weather permitting)

Friday 11/11: 

  • Traditional Schedule, all 7 classes meet.
  • Drumline Performance at Overland Trail Elementary
    • 8:30: load equipment/go to OTE
    • Perform at Veteran’s Day Assembly from 9 AM – 10 AM (we perform for about 10 minutes)
    • Return to BVN after performance.
    • Wear Blue Band shirts

Saturday 11/12: Reminder that the Wind Ensemble Camp scheduled for this day has been postponed.


Monday 11/14

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.

Tuesday 11/15

Wednesday 11/16

  • Odd Block Class Schedule.

Thursday 11/17

  • Even Block Classes
  • Crossroads Wind Symphony Concert at BVN!
    • 7 PM Concert, Free Admission
    • Lettering points and performance make-ups possible!
    • LOTS and LOTS of Band Students and Families should attend!!

Friday 11/18: 

  • Traditional Schedule, all 7 classes meet.

Saturday 11/19 – Sunday 11/27:  Thanksgiving Break!

BVN Band Calendar 2022-2023

Fall Semester, At-a-Glance

High School Band is FUN, challenging, and busy… and WORTH IT!!  Every band family, especially new families, have a quick read of the semester at-a-glance, to make sure you know what’s coming.  It’s never too early to ask questions, and the only bad question is the one that goes unasked!

  • November:  Auditions, Crossroads Wind Symphony at BVN, and prepare for December!
    • November is the audition and prep month.  At the beginning of the Month, all students audition for BVN’s spring concert band classes, and then all classes spend the rest of the month preparing for our December concert and for Basketball pep bands.
    • AMAZING Announcement!  The Semi-professional Band:  the Crossroads Wind Symphony will be giving a concert AT BVN.  Full details coming soon… this is HUGE – ALL Band families should plan to attend!!
  • December:  December Band Concert and Bball Pep Bands
    • All Band classes perform in our end-of-semester December Concert, which is a phenomenal night of music and tradition for our band program.  My heart is full thinking of all of the incredible memories made at this concert.
    • BBall Pep Bands begin.  All band students are split into one of two pep bands, which will alternate BBall game performances, December-February.  These are VERY fun events!  Schedule and roster to be published in November.

Band Forms and Dues

Like many activities, we need to collect a couple of forms from all band students at the start of each year.  In addition, we collect Fair Share Band Dues, which are critical in making the band experience possible for all students.  All of the details are below in the Complete Forms Packet.  Please know that Dues should NEVER cause a student to not participate in band.  If you have any concerns about dues, please email Mr. Freeman.

  • Complete Forms Packet
  • Student info/Dues E-Form (this one can be submitted in hard copy or online… hard copy is the first of the forms in the complete packet linked above)
  • Marching Mustangs:  should have already submitted their forms and dues during Band Camp.  If you have not, they are now due.
  • All other Band Students (Concert, Freshman, and Jazz Band):  please submit your forms and dues by or before Friday, September 16th (deadline extended)

Mustang Band Boosters News! (MBB)

A HUGE Thank you to our MBB Board and volunteers, who are doing INCREDIBLE work supporting YOUR Band students!!

President – Jim Decker.  [email protected]
Past President – Kim Jacobson
Vice President – Cyndy Mangan
Secretary – Heather Nix
Co-Treasurer – Janna Raper
At Large Member – Paula Nichols
At Large Member – Brooklynn Mieczkowski
At Large Member – Geri Crain

Whether you sign up to volunteer one time or all the time, we are looking forward to getting to know you & your student. Most committees require multiple volunteers so reach out to the committee chair or me if you have any questions. Check out the volunteer opportunities on the band website for more information and get involved in any way that works for you.

MBB Board Meetings Schedule.  The MBB meets on Thursday evenings once a month, at 7 PM.  All Band Parents are invited!  22-23 Meeting Schedule is

  • Thursday 10/20, 7 – 8 PM
  • Thursday 11/10, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday, 12/15, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday, 1/19/23, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday 2/16, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday 3/16, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday 4/20, 7-8 PM
  • Thursday 5/18, 7-8 PM

We are here to help – please reach out to any board member with questions or concerns. We are looking forward to a great year filled with fantastic music, new friends, and great memories.

Student Resources Page of the Band Website

The “Students only” section of our band website will be utilized throughout the year to distribute many resources to our students, behind a password wall.  Students can ask a director or any older member of the band for the password.  All students should familiarize themselves with this page, as it will be used quite a bit!