YES!  You CAN be in Band at BVN and participate in just about anything else you choose!
Members of the Band are in nearly every club and sport the school offers, and also take every class offering at the school. High School is a great time to try out different activities, and we encourage our band students to be well-rounded!

During the busiest part of the year (Marching Band) – we have chosen to keep our contest involvement lower than at other schools. This is true at North so our students CAN be involved in other programs including debate, cross-country, football, soccer, volleyball, theater, choir or orchestra and many others.  Our Monday/Tuesday AM and Wednesday PM rehearsals are the only outside of school rehearsals held regularly (and are only during marching season).  Home football games rarely conflict with anyone except varsity and some JV players. Those students are still part of the band for contests and parades, but do not perform the nights of games.

You will be BUSY, but you will also learn the important lessons of how to budget time and prepare in advance. WE DO EXPECT STUDENTS TO BE AT PERFORMANCES AND REHEARSALS UNLESS THERE IS A DIRECT CONFLICT WITH ANOTHER EVENT.  Such conflicts should be worked out IN ADVANCE.  You will get a schedule of all performances and you will be expected at those performances. We are very proud of our band members who have been All-Americans, All-State/District in every sport and activity AS WELL AS OUR ALL-STATE MUSICIANS!

Yes, occasionally schedule conflicts arise.  However, communication in advance can ALWAYS solve!  Please contact Mr. Freeman if you are concerned about conflicts with other activities.