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I am a parent – how can I help?

Parents will find that the Band and Orchestra Parent Club is an exceptional support group for the students, and for the parents!  Attend the monthly meetings and pay attention to emails to find our volunteer needs. The Band/Orchestra Parent Club meets one day a month and everyone is welcome. We [...]

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How do I earn my Band Grade?

The band is a part of the complete academic program at North. Academics are the primary reasons you are in high school. You will be graded on your performance, personal growth in technical proficiency on your instrument, understanding of music theory and music history, and performance within the group.  We [...]

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Does it cost to be in band?

Yes. Fees are adjusted annually and assist in the expenses of band staff, music, uniform cleaning, transportation, entry fees, instrument repair, food costs when the band travels, and many other band related expenses.  IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS COST, PLEASE CONTACT MR. FREEMAN. We will try to make band [...]

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Are Performances Required?

YES!  Performances are required and represent a major portion of a student's grade.  Performances are the culmination of many weeks and/or months of work, and any individual absence will hurt the entire groups performance.  The band does not have a "bench", and can't sub in other students if one is [...]

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What instruments does the school provide?

The school provides larger and "rare" instruments that are often more expensive than is realistic for a student to own. Piccolo, Tenor and Baritone saxophones, Bass Clarinets, Oboes, Bassoons, French horns, Baritones, Tubas and Percussion will be provided. When appropriate and available, a student may get both a marching and [...]

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Can I Be in Band And…?

YES!  You CAN be in Band at BVN and participate in just about anything else you choose! Members of the Band are in nearly every club and sport the school offers, and also take every class offering at the school. High School is a great time to try out different [...]

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