Hello BVN Band!

Please CLICK HERE for important information for members of our MAB! (Mustang Athletic Band).  Our First Rehearsal is Monday evening, and we need students to print/prepare music, and also know what to do when you arrive!  There are quite a few details for every member to know – please read the linked information carefully!

(You can find the same info pasted below, but the link above will look prettier…)

To ALL families:  keep your eyes peeled later today for our first Band Update of the school year!

As Always – Thanks to everyone for your careful reading and support of all things BVN Band!

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman

–Begin Copy of MAB 1st rehearsal information–

And Away We Go!  After 6 + months of no in-person music at BVN, we get to take our first steps back.  WOW!

For MAB Student performers and parents – THANK YOU FOR READING THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY, and being prepared for our first rehearsal on Monday, 9/21, 6:30 – 8:30.

Getting the Band Back Together… if you have not yet signed up for the MAB – do it now!

1st Rehearsal Preparations!  ALL Students need to read and act now!

For ALL MAB Members:

  • CHECK IN:  6:00 – 6:30 PM.  All students report to the “Fieldhouse”.  This is the building immediately south of the East Football field at BVN (immediately beside Lamar Avenue).  Check in will include temperature checks and distribution of bell covers, larger instruments, music as needed, etc.
  • MASKS:  ALL Students must be wearing a mask at all times.  Please wear your own mask to rehearsal.  Guard and Percussion will wear this mask for the duration of rehearsal.  Woodwinds and Brass will be given a mask to use while playing your instruments (or you can make your own – videos below).
  • DISTANCING:  is an all-the-time expectation.  Yes, you can talk/socialize/interact with each other – but it must be done from a distance and wearing masks, with no exceptions.

Appropriately worn masks and distancing are a non-negotiable requirement of participation.

Color Guard: Your preparations are the simplest, most straightforward:  Bring your flag and your rifle and your amazing energy and smile!

Percussionists –  Please come prepared with the following:

  • Your stick bag.  (should always contain a good set of snare sticks and a basic set of mallets).  Bass Drum and Tenor Mallets will be provided with your instrument.
  • Your Music:  Please print off the music listed below, and place it in a three ring binder IN SHEET PROTECTORS.  All of this music can be found on our music/resources page in Canvas.
    • Drumline/Battery Packet (for Snares/Basses/Tenors)
    • Front Ensemble/Mallet Percussion Exercises (for Front Ensemble)
    • Fight Song, Star Spangled Banner, and Alma Mater (front ensemble use flute parts found in the “BVN Pep Band Folders”)
    • Uprising – LARGE PRINT PARTS (front ens. print 3 parts:  Synthesizer, Marimba/Xylo, Bells/Vibes)
Front Ensemble:

Grant Ellis

Jeffrey Nichols

Hyesoo Song


Josh Enright

Jessie Jacobson

Andres Perez-Borges


Louis Cierpiot

Isabella Holtorf

Nash Rosado


Michael Chong

Woodwinds and Brass: Please come prepared with the following:

  • Your Marching Band instrument.  (Tuba players – Sousas will be waiting for you).
  • Your Music.   Please print off the music listed below, and place it in a three ring binder in sheet protectors.  All of this music can be found on our music/resources page in Canvas.
    • BVN Marching Mustangs Music Fundamentals
    • Fight Song, Star Spangled Banner, and Alma Mater – from the BVN Pep Band Folders.
    • Trombones/Baritones:  your fight song part has been corrected!
    • Uprising
  • PART ASSIGNMENTS:  If your instrument has multiple parts (i.e. Flute 1 and 2, Trumpet 1/2/3, etc):
    • Flutes:  Everyone play Flute 1.  Take a look at the Uprising part, which is pretty high… if too high, you may choose flute 2 (but we encourage you to try flute 1).  If interested in playing piccolo, please let Mr. Freeman know, and print both the Flute 1 and Flute 2 part.
    • Clarinets:  Clarinet 1 parts only (for now)
    • Alto Saxes:  Alto 1 parts only (for now).  In “Uprising”:  please write the Alto 2 part into your music for measure 55 and 56.  Play the descending scale in these measures (alto 2 part) rather than A1.
    • Trumpets:  Everyone on Trumpet 1 and 2, no one on Trumpet 3.  For now – print both parts and choose which one you want to play.  Mr. Freeman/Mr. Wagoner will make part assignments soon.
    • Trombones:  Everyone on Trombone 1.
  • MASKS:
    • Please wear your own mask of choice to rehearsal.
    • The band will be providing masks which allow you to play.
    • We have special “overlap masks” on order/coming soon.
    • In the meantime, you will rehearse in surgical masks with slits cut in them.  We have a stock of surgical masks ready for you!
    • However, these masks have been handled by other people (Mr. Freeman), and if you choose to provide your own, we encourage you to do so.
    • Here are instructional videos how to make your mask:

Safe Rehearsing in the age of Covid-19

Reminder that we will be taking many precautions in rehearsals: CLICK HERE for a summative information sheet, as published by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).  Summary of our precautions:

  • Mask Everything:  People and Instruments.
  • Distancing at all times.  6’ minimum as recommended by the CDC and the NFHS Aerosol Study.
  • Rotation of rehearsal spaces:  after 30 minutes of wind instrument playing, we shift rehearsal locations.
  • Hygiene:  LOTS of hand washing/hand sanitizer.  LOTS of sanitizing wipes/sprays.  LOTS of individual responsibility – expected of staff and students at all times.
  • Temperature and screening questions required of everyone (staff and students) upon arrival.

The MAB should be a fantastic and safe experience for our students, and a great opportunity to do what we love – unite our community with music!  We are SO excited to get the band back together!

Away we go!

Musically yours,
Mr. Freeman, Mr. Wagoner, Ms. Sipes, and Mr. Lovell